Day: October 20, 2021

We love to share our works with our page visitors. The below posts are from the data recovery cases we received.

Failed Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery

Our customer’s Seagate hard drive became inaccessible, so he requested help from PITS Global Data Recovery Services. The hard drive was not recognized on the computer. Thus, it was delivered to the lab, where we determined that the problem was in bad sectors of the drive. In order to recover most of the client’s data…

Hard Drive Recovery
LTO Tape Data Recovery Case | Successfully Recovered

While our company receives general hard drive or flash recovery cases, we also get specific tape data recovery requests. The customer contacted us with the requirement to recover information from several LTO tapes. The files on the tapes were no longer accessible because of media degradation, which happens with most LTO tapes. The LTO magnetic…

Tape Data Recovery
Why Is A Cleanroom Important For Successful Data Recovery

A cleanroom environment is crucially important for successful data recovery from physically damaged media. Whether it is a hard disk, flash drive, SSD, business RAID, or server, it must be repaired at a certified cleanroom. The cleanroom environment is always free of airborne pollutants and other particles harmful to an open device. It keeps a…

Cleanroom Data Recovery
Formatted Flash Drive Data Recovery

USB flash drives represent minor versions of computer hard drives. They are removable and rewritable data storage devices. Flash drives are less prone to failure than general hard drives. Nevertheless, you can experience data loss while using even the most expensive USB flash drive because all media can fail eventually. A week ago, we received…

Flash Drive Recovery
Data Destruction Services

Did you know that deleting files from your computer does not mean they are gone forever? Well, it’s true. The data is still there and can be recovered. The bright side of it is that thousands of people, accidentally deleting their files, can get them back. But if you want to erase specific data for…

Data Destruction
OWC SSD Not Showing Up In Mac Pro

SSD drives became a great alternative for mechanical hard drives that usually experience data loss from scratched platters. Unlike HDDs (hard disk drives), SSDs don’t have any moving parts and are more resistant to physical damages. They are faster and don’t make so much noise while working. Still, they can also fail and cause further…

SSD Data Recovery