A Cell Phone Recovery

A cell phone is the most important innovation that has a tremendous impact on society and the world. Cell phones have actually been one of the primary drivers in productivity improvements. We use them to send/receive information, read the news, listen to music, resolve the problems, shoot special moments, negotiate business deals or express our thoughts in a second. However, to your surprise, the average time from purchase to breaking your phone is 10 weeks. Also, almost 50% of phone damages happen at home while watching TV, cooking or washing dishes or fighting with a family member. That usually happens because the owners feel safer and therefore, act more careless with their devices. Below photos is a result of merciless treatment by a lovely 9-month-old baby boy trying to have fun. The cell phone was so severely thrown away through the window that caused the internal memory chip to crack. Unfortunately, recovery is absolutely impossible in case of a broken or cracked chip.