Behave responsibly with RAID Arrays

️RAID failures may occur for several reasons:

  1. In case of failure of one member drive;
  2. In case of failure of more than one member drive;
  3. In cases not related to driving failure (controller problem or operation error).

One of the RAID5 arrays drives failed. Immediately after problem inspection, our client started to change it with the new one hoping that RAID would continue working properly and no data loss would occur. Unfortunately, in most cases, before changing one failed drive with another one, our clients forget to inspect healthy drives’ functionality level. Consequently, before all data is transformed into the new drive, the second drive fails as well, which ends up with entire array failure. On the photo, you can see the drives with the same problems. Careless usage resulted in complete failure of the RAID5 array. Considering the capacity of RAID 5, usually, the possibility of data recovery in such cases is very low. Fortunately, despite all above-mentioned problems, we managed to rescue damaged drives and rebuild the array!