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We love to share our works with our page visitors. The below posts are from the data recovery cases we received.

Why Is A Cleanroom Important For Successful Data Recovery

A cleanroom environment is crucially important for successful data recovery from physically damaged media. Whether it is a hard disk, flash drive, SSD, business RAID, or server, it must be repaired at a certified cleanroom. The cleanroom environment is always free of airborne pollutants and other particles harmful to an open device. It keeps a…

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Magnetic Heads Assembly – MHA | HDD Data Recovery

A very delicate part of a traditional hard disk drive – magnetic heads assembly. So what is it? Magnetic heads assembly consists of two different main units. One of them is called the Head Stack Assembly (HSA). HSA itself has many subassemblies. There is a special chip attached to HSA called preamplifier or preamp in…

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To DIY Or Not To DIY | HDD Data Recovery

Here goes a question – To DIY or not to DIY? Well, it was DIY this time. Another customer who decided to give it a try. The heads were badly damaged. HDD read/write heads can go bad for many reasons. When read/write heads are landed onto platters it is not an immediate death sentence for…

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Toshiba HDD Data Recovery

Bad things happen to hard drives, but to make the damage even more catastrophic you need a human. Curiosity is a natural thing and we understand that. With hard drives though, it could be risky. A single mistake can have a negative impact on businesses and individuals. Sure, it depends on how important the data…

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HDD Head Swap In Action

The accident never says when it’ll strike. Data recovery emergency can happen at any time. Our drop-off system allows us to receive damaged media even during quarantine times. Because hard drive crashes are not going to stop no matter what pandemic is out there. Here you see a recent Seagate HDD head swap process in…

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Dropped WD My Passport Hard Drive Data Recovery

We received the latest WD 2TB Palmer SED drive, which was previously opened by another data recovery company to inspect the mechanical failure. The customer brought the hard drive to our company to recover data as our price was much more competitive. The hard drive had surface damages and failed magnetic head assembly as the…

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DIY Data Recovery Consequences –> Scratches of Death

The customer tried to recover data from the dropped hard drive that lead to complete data loss. Unfortunately, it is not possible to recover any data from this drive.

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Toshiba HDD with 4TB of capacity was a lucky one.

Head swap in action. When your most valuable data stands on the shoulders of giant drives, you may want to consider extra care for them. Because when they fall, they make more “noise,” and sometimes they never “get up”. A fallen giant – Toshiba HDD with 4TB of capacity was a lucky one. There was…

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Case Inspection Area

Inspection of a patient WD HDD heads before initiating the actual data recovery. The customer has dropped the drive to a hard floor and powered it up several times. It should be emphasized that all these inspections, cleanroom environments, microscopes, special uniforms do not magically fix imperfections and certainly do not indicate that data can…

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Slider – The Dark Rectangular Component

It is a photo of the severely damaged slider. Slider – the dark rectangular component never actually touches the surface of a hard drive platter. It flies above them. Using a microscope, we can see that the edge of the slider is polished, which was caused by a sudden jolt of a hard drive after…

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