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We love to share our works with our page visitors. The below posts are from the data recovery cases we received.

64GB Sandisk Micro SD Card Data Recovery

We spend more than 10 days on this case and successfully recovered all photos and videos the 64GB Sandisk Micro SD card.

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4 GB USB Flash Drive Recovery

Here is the next successful data recovery case from HP 4GB USB Flash drive. All of a sudden, the computer stopped to detect it, the customer says. Yes, it was a complete dead flash drive. The microcontroller on the motherboard lost its functionality which means the computer cannot detect it correctly. We removed the NAND…

Flash Data Recovery
Precision Soldering under Microscope

️ Thin wires soldered to this monolithic flash drive were the only chance for successful data recovery. Various Excel documents were locked inside due to a faulty controller. We would like to remind that Flash drives are not the best option for storing valuable data. Yes, they are small in size, but on the subject…

Flash Data Recovery
Gigabytes of Important Data

Hundreds of gigabytes of important data from Flash storage devices have been recovered by our engineers so far. Using Flash drives/memory cards as the main storage device for your important data is indeed a risky move. These storage devices have a lifespan that depends on the number of write cycles to flash memory. There is…

Flash Data Recovery
Portable GPS Device Recovery

Data recovery from eMMC chip has been completed. The chip was unmounted from a portable GPS device with an unknown brand and model. The chip was undamaged, but we could see that it was previously removed from the circuit board. We managed to access the required data and deliver them to the customer.

Flash Data Recovery
High Precision Soldering

Monolithic microSD card with its protective plastic layer being removed. The pinout map has been inspected and the map looks promising for further actions. This is just a beginning and the main challenge in order to ensure successful data recovery is ahead of us.  

Flash Data Recovery
Non-functional Lexar branded CF

Non-functional Lexar branded CF card and unsoldered NAND memory chips. The card belongs to a professional photographer and data was inaccessible due to problematic micro-controller. When we cannot access data through the traditional interface, we need to have direct access to its memory chips and get a physical image of data by using the Chip-off…

CF Card Data Recovery
Two damaged Flash drives

Generally, we all expect that data stored on USB Flash media is less vital compared to data stored in hard or solid-state drives. It is true for most cases, but exceptions exist. When there is an only copy of work-related 3D architectural designs, drawings and some weighty Excel sheets on a Flash drive, one can…

Flash Data Recovery