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We love to share our works with our page visitors. The below posts are from the data recovery cases we received.

Formatted Flash Drive Data Recovery

USB flash drives represent minor versions of computer hard drives. They are removable and rewritable data storage devices. Flash drives are less prone to failure than general hard drives. Nevertheless, you can experience data loss while using even the most expensive USB flash drive because all media can fail eventually. A week ago, we received…

Flash Drive Recovery
Flash media data recovery

One would hardly expect it – you drop your Flash drive and here you go, it is not recognized by your computer. Are these tiny data storages really that fragile? In fact, yes, they are. They should be handled with proper care. It is not a good idea to carry your Flash media in your…

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MicroSD Card Data Recovery

Cards don’t have mechanical parts inside that break, but this fact doesn’t keep them from getting damaged. You can find these little cards almost on every smartphone, digital cameras. Did you know that these kinds of storages are not meant to permanently store critical data on them? Due to their structure and size, MicroSD cards…

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Broken Flash Drive Data Recovery

When luck is on your side! It could have gone way worse. The tiniest crack on the chip itself would suffice to make data unrecoverable. Let’s say, this old-style Flash drive has served its purpose and now it’s time to have some rest. The data stored on its NAND chip will carry on living and…

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SanDisk Ultra Micro SD Card Data Recovery

We inspect the SanDisk Ultra MicroSD card against tiny microscopic cracks and pores before applying the so-called spiderwebbing process. The card with the capacity of 32GB no longer functions, and it is full of multimedia files. Our main challenge with this monolithic structure will be to gain access to its NAND chip. If we are…

Flash Drive Recovery
Successful Recovery from USB Flash Drive

It’s crucial to get the most reliable USB flash drives you can – the manufacturers say. They have limits, and you are the only best friend of your data – we say. USB Flash Drives have a finite number of work cycles. A variety of unexpected events may occur while using an old and a…

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Compact Flash Card Data Recovery

Compact Flashcards are widely used to store photos and videos. It is more than 25 years now that CF cards have proved to be one of the most reliable and preferred storage media for cameras. Some cameras use multiple CF cards that provide higher data transfer speed. Does this mean you don’t need a backup…

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Development of Pinout Maps for Micro SD cards

The physically failed Micro SD cards are one of the most challenging data recovery cases we receive. The monolithic micro SD card data recovery cases take a lot of engineer time, especially when the soldering pinout map is not available. If there is no pinout map in the market, then the case is escalated to…

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Monolithic flash drive construction

By the time, design of electronic devices seems attractive, while the internal structure becomes even more complicated. Examples include monolithic USB flash cards. Monolithic flash drive construction was pioneered as a way to further shrink flash drives by compacting their components into a smaller, more durable package. Unlike others, memory in monolithic drives is wedded…

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