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We love to share our works with our page visitors. The below posts are from the data recovery cases we received.

A successful head swap operation in Cleanroom

A successful head swap operation is an essential part of the data recovery process. Appropriate and precise tools are needed while executing such operations because disk manufacturers do not bother themselves with providing repair tools that come with the drive. The tools we and other data recovery companies use are not meant for repairing the…

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Hard Drive Head Swap Operation

Starting Monday off right with a successful head swap operation on a fallen Seagate hard drive. The drive has been opened previously “just to check where the unusual sound comes from”. Before the swap operation, the original read/write heads need to be thoroughly examined both with naked eyes and under a microscope for possible damages…

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Delegate your problem to Experts

It is always wise to delegate your problem to experts whenever your RAID Array drives die on you. Over the years, many companies avoided RAID failure scenarios simply by getting a piece of advice from our experts. And this consultation is absolutely free of charge. According to our observations, only 50-60% of businesses are confident…

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The Value of Data

️Value – it is the importance, worth, significance given to an item, event or a word. Sometimes, after receiving a price proposal for the data recovery service, Client protests stating that the data does not worth that money. In the meantime, another category claims that data stored in the disk/card is of a big value…

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Expensive Seagate FreePlay Donor Drives

There are a number of factors that have an impact on a difficulty level and the cost of data recovery process. For example: whether a drive has a logical problem; is the magnetic head assembly damaged; what is the manufacturer brand of the drive and etc. Some HDD brands require more attention and specific approach….

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Disintegration of the Spindle Motor

One of the physical problems encountered in hard drives is the disintegration of the drive motor. The failure is usually caused by the hard drive’s fluid dynamic bearing seizing. In that kind of cases, it is possible to detect the following symptoms: The hard disk starts to fade and immediately stops. Other types of hard…

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A Happy Customer

The HDD depicted in the photo has gone through certain obstacles. Initially, the drive was presented to us after when we uncovered the complicated logical problem and certain signs of physical damage. The client decided to try recovery in data recovery companies of a few countries in Eurasia. Unfortunately, those endeavors went useless and the…

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“Fallen” Drives

️Sometimes a storage drive may collapse before its actual validity period. The client lost his PC drives because of the electricity problem, which damaged printed circuit boards. Also, in one of the “fallen” drives, PCB problem resulted in the loss of functionality of the read/write heads. Having in-stock donor spare parts accelerated the recovery process…

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Spindle Motor Replacement

In one of our previous posts, we have already shared a photo of the HDD with a dead motor. Motor change is a very complex process, which requires sensitive handling. You can see loads of videos via the internet on the motor change that seems too easy. In fact, it inevitably requires a specialist’s intrusion…

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Close-up photo of a damaged read/write heads

A close-up photo of a damaged read/write head. Even with good intentions, an incompetent person can render a problematic hard drive to the extent of irreversible damage. Dear good-hearted amateurs who want to help their friends, colleagues or close associates, unless they don’t store any valuable data, the damaged hard drives are best left to…

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