Data Recovery from RAID5 capable DHI-NVR5864-4KS2 64

Summer vacations are over and the business months have just started. Some IT equipment that left unattended during the vacation may cause minor and sometimes quite major troubles for IT personnel who are in charge of information technology management. Data loss cases also fit into this category.

RAID5 capable DHI-NVR5864-4KS2 64 Channel Network Video Recorder was the very first RAID case for this month. This surveillance system is reliable for system failure events, but even with such design enabled, it still needs a regular system monitoring and HDD health statuses. The RAID5 was built on 8 hard drives. In order to keep the surveillance evidence live, these hard drives were always active and the workload was always higher compared to desktop HDDs. Two out of eight drives failed at different times. The first failure has probably happened during the vacation. The incident damaged the RAID structure and the access to CCTV footage were lost. After the needed technical inspection, data has been recovered in full.