Delegate your problem to Experts

It is always wise to delegate your problem to experts whenever your RAID Array drives die on you. Over the years, many companies avoided RAID failure scenarios simply by getting a piece of advice from our experts. And this consultation is absolutely free of charge. According to our observations, only 50-60% of businesses are confident that their data is regularly backed up.

The RAID 10 case that we received recently has shown that some configurations can be tricky even for an experienced IT person. In this very case, the RAID 10 configuration comprised two mirrored pairs of four DELL branded SAS drives. The IT person knew the possibility to save data if two drives in a RAID 10 fail. One point was missing, however. It is dependent upon which two drives fail! To cut a long story short, two drives from the same sub-array were faulty and SQL databases were inaccessible. After the initial inspections, the most optimal recovery method was applied and all of the business-related databases were fully retrieved.