Flash media data recovery

One would hardly expect it – you drop your Flash drive and here you go, it is not recognized by your computer. Are these tiny data storages really that fragile? In fact, yes, they are. They should be handled with proper care. It is not a good idea to carry your Flash media in your pocket. You see, you can drop them and if their enclosure is heavy enough, it can end badly for the memory chip inside of it. Unbranded Flash drive “manufacturers” usually do it. Shiny and heavy metallic enclosure can easily damage the monolithic structure of a Flash media.
A customer just dropped his unbranded Flash drive to a hard floor. And right after that, the drive went unrecognizable by computer. It was submitted to us and we immediately set our hands to the task. And what we see – two cracks in a single monolithic chip. As if one is not bad enough. With cracks like these is no use to strip the protective layer to expose the pinout map. Even with the correct pinout map, data cannot be recovered from this chip.