Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Essential factors in hard drive recovery services 

When your hard drive stops working, and you don’t have a backup copy of the critical data, you start panicking. It is essential to think about the value of the data and make the correct decision about handling the situation. It would be best if you consider the below factors when you want to retrieve your data:

  1. If you don’t have any experience in data recovery, you should immediately turn off the failed storage devices and seek professional service.
  • It would be best if you do not ask your friend who is technical savvy in the computer to check the failed storage and try to recover your data. The consequences can be detrimental. 

The importance of the evaluation process in data recovery services

Evaluation is the very first and essential stage of the data recovery process. Everyone understands that in medicine, the effective treatment directly depends on the correct evaluation results. In our work the same way: to recover data, it is necessary to find and eliminate the problems that cause devices to fail. These issues may be both logical and physical problems. Sometimes there may be more than one problem to solve to recover the data from the failed storage devices.

Based on the results of the free evaluation, you get answers to these questions and can make the right decision whether to proceed with data recovery services or not.

Main Symptoms of faulty hard drives

Recovering data from damaged hard drives is precision work. A single mistake or improper handling of faulty hard drives can lead to complete data loss. At PITS Global data recovery services, we temporarily repair the hard drives with internal physical and mechanical damages in a cleanroom to recover the data of customers. The main symptoms of hard drives are:

  1. A computer cannot detect a hard drive.  
  2. Hard drive makes clicking, buzzing, or scraping sounds. 
  3. A computer can detect the hard drive with incorrect parameters. 
  4. Hard drive failures after a fall, physical impact, flooded with water, fire. 

According to our experience, hards drives fail mainly due to the PCB failures, reading/writing head failure, spindle motor failure, and firmware corruption.