HDD Data Recovery | Faulty PCB

It is not always heads and platters that cause problems or get damaged. Listen carefully, and if you can’t hear a specific motor spinning, platter movement whir, a circuit board definitely should be on your to-check list. A faulty PCB can cause such problems and we see it all the times. From burnt PCBs to the severely shorted ones.
Trust your faulty hard drive to us, make sure no unskilled hands are risking with your valuable data. A traditional HDD consists of both mechanical and electronic components. Its PCB – printed circuit board is the first part that receives electricity and communicates with the internal parts of an HDD. So when the PCB fails, it breaks the communication and everything stops. And it is not just one of those cases where you can easily replace the damaged part and get it all fixed. Does not matter how identical the parts are. Things a bit complex here. There are things that must be taken into consideration. There is a special chip placed on every HDD circuit board our there. If you are as lucky as we were in our recent data recovery case, this chip will be intact. This chip carries some unique information. It is a crucial ingredient that dictates how the internal parts of an HDD should work. Get it damaged and your precious data will be locked inside the HDD and you’ll end up having two problems! After a careful inspection of the faulty HDD, if the only way to get your data back is to repair the damaged board, an engineer should make sure that the RPM chip is not damaged. After making sure that the chip itself is functional, this chip should be transferred to a donor PCB.