JBOD Volume Data Recovery – QNAP NAS Storage

A few days ago, the customer brought us almost new QNAP NAS storage. He could not access the data stored on this NAS device after power failure. The NAS storage used only for six months.

Initially, all the hard drives were inspected to see if there are any physical problems. The engineer detected that one of the hard drives had a lot of bad sectors, and they can not be read using data recovery software.

After successful cloning of all hard drives, engineers analyzed the content of the hard drives. Then we found out that the hard drives were configured as JBOD volume, which does not provide any redundancy.

PITS Global data recovery engineers successfully recovered all necessary data by combining all hard drive images in the correct order. After the recovery, the engineers configured QNAP NAS device as RAID5 volume, which provides redundancy in case of one hard drive failure.