Magnetic Heads Assembly – MHA | HDD Data Recovery

A very delicate part of a traditional hard disk drive – magnetic heads assembly.

So what is it? Magnetic heads assembly consists of two different main units. One of them is called the Head Stack Assembly (HSA). HSA itself has many subassemblies. There is a special chip attached to HSA called preamplifier or preamp in short. This tiny chip controls the heads and boosts the weak signals from PCB – printed circuit board to heads or from heads to PCB. Well, of course, this is the extremely simplified version of the entire science these sophisticated parts do. We also have another part which is called the actuator arm. This arm rotates around the fixed axle. The most important part of any MHA is connected to the end of the actuator arm. It is called a slider. This part is very very sensitive to sudden shocks. This tiny part is the very part that reads data from the surface of magnetic platters. We often receive damaged and previously opened hard drives. Sometimes we see how badly mangled these important parts – sliders. That’s why it is essential to seek professional help when you are particularly after the data when there is no chance for the HDD repair.