MicroSD Card Data Recovery

Cards don’t have mechanical parts inside that break, but this fact doesn’t keep them from getting damaged. You can find these little cards almost on every smartphone, digital cameras. Did you know that these kinds of storages are not meant to permanently store critical data on them? Due to their structure and size, MicroSD cards are less vulnerable to any physical damages. It doesn’t matter what their capacity is, it requires more time and special knowledge to recover data from failed monolithic cards. Monolithic here means all of its components are embedded to a printed circuit board. These components are the NAND flash memory chip and a controller. When it is not possible to access data using the standard interface, data recovery engineers remove the plastic covering of the MicroSD in order to gain direct access to its NAND chip. So never let the small size confuse you. It can be more challenging and believe us, most of the times it is.