Monday Delight | Data Recovery From A Damaged Micro SD

A Micro SD card with damaged micro-controller. More than 98% of precious data from 64GB Micro SD card with a damaged controller was recovered.
One should never store the only copy of sensitive and critical data in Micro SD card. Data recovery from such monolithic cards requires a different set of skills. Moreover, there is a high risk of losing all data if the engineer is not trained and concentrated enough. With their monolithic design, these cards can fail due to a number of reasons. The main phase when working on a faulty Micro SD or any monolithic-based cards is to get access to their physical NAND chips. A few Flash memory techniques can be used to conduct data recovery. Micro-soldering option is the most popular among them. With this method, very tiny wires are soldered to special contact points on the failed monolithic card. Well, of course before that an engineer has to find out the pinout map – the very map that shows to what points exactly those wires should be soldered. This micro-soldering method is also called spider webbing. There are other tools that allow you to bypass the soldering process, but they are not always helpful. Data recovery engineers at PITS use both techniques.