RAID Data Recovery from HP ProLiant DL180 G5

Why is an automated RAID monitoring system so important? This topic has been briefly highlighted in our previous RAID-related posts. Purely relying on human control can be fatal for data stored on RAID Arrays. Like it was for the HP ProLiant DL180 G5 Server that the customer submitted days ago. RAID6 Array has been built on ten drives, 2TB each. With two parity functions, this array can cope with 2-drive failure. Two hard drives have failed at different times and went unnoticed. The array has disappeared when the third drive has gone bad. Of course, this was impossible not to notice, but it was a late alarm. This configuration provides excellent read performance, writing speed, however, is not as good as other RAID configurations support. Fortunately, no further alterations, rebuild, reinitialize actions were observed. We managed to get images from all hard drives, extract the virtual machines and finally, recover the data from NTFS volumes.