RAID5 DATA Recovery | ASUSTOR Storage

Data is the lifeblood of any businesses nowadays. Data loss can be a near-certain death sentence for them. Constantly monitored backup plan is the only bullet-proof way to keep your data safe. If this option is too late and there is a data recovery emergency, give us a chance to help and build trust.
Our latest RAID case was a data recovery from a failed RAID5 Array that was built on Asustor Enterprise-Class Storage. Well-built, but totally uncontrolled storage. Two-drive-failure has led to inaccessible RAID data, which is not surprising at all. An accessible RAID volume doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the member hard drives are healthy and running. A drive that failed maybe months ago just went unnoticeable. This is the scenario we stumble upon a lot. Is data still recoverable from such arrays? Well, for certain, it depends on damage severity. If there any deep scratches involved, we shouldn’t expect a happy end. However, with the scratchless scenarios, when platters are intact, there is a chance for a near-perfect data recoveries. This very case that we were working on, was a full-perfect one.