ASUSTOR AS7012RDX –> RAID 6 volumes were damaged


Do brand-new, modern, and high-capacity data storage devices guarantee 100% safety? Unfortunately, they do not. More and more companies/organizations depend on data for their daily operation. If the data is the backbone of your business too, bear in mind that no device can be considered 100% safe. Terabytes of data stored on a single machine are the wrong move in safeguarding the business continuity. Very recently, our data recovery engineers recovered terabytes of data of paramount importance from enterprise-level storage. All the failure prevention mechanisms have been activated. The storage device itself has been properly configured, but it was not enough to endure a sudden power outage. RAID6 volumes were damaged, and the data inside was the only copy.

Yes, it may take days, if not weeks, to back up such an enormous amount of data, yet it is the cheapest and safest alternative.