Successful Data Recovery from 4TB DVR Hard Drive

DVR Data Recovery

When asked, we never insist on using any particular surveillance hard drives for DVR units. Regardless of the brand or type, security camera footage also need to be backed up. Data recovery from a DVR hard drive has its challenges. They use different file systems that are operated by not too friendly operating systems. You can see that most of them are Linux-based OS, but very heavily-modified ones. The most common mistake when dealing with DVR hard drives is that when an accident hits, they are removed out of the DVR unit and connected to a computer. It alters the data structure and brings additional complexity to the case.
With this DVR case, we needed to recover the raw stream data from the non-functional hard drive. As we expected, the drive was previously unprofessionally “treated” with different tools. We could identify the structure and successfully recovered gigabytes of recordings from the 4TB WD Purple hard drive.