Synology DiskStation DS716+ RAID Data Recovery

In our all post we have always pointed out the necessity of having a good backup plan. Why is it so important? Simply because having such a plan costs less compared to data recovery prices. Data backup solutions that different manufacturers offer today allow you to back up specific data on your computer in real-time. At PITS, we are always ready to assist you in setting up the best solution that meets your data backup needs. Our specialist can investigate the problems or upgrade the previously configured network attached storages. Depending on the setup, our specialists can also perform data migration from your existing NAS to the newly acquired one. The process needs to be performed with care to avoid data loss cases.
One of our customers was using Synology DiskStation DS716+ with Synology DX513 5-Bay Expansion Unit as a primary data storage device. Data was getting more and more. There was a need for another backup and data synchronization solution. The expandable Synology DiskStation DS1812+ was an excellent choice for that. With RAID 5 configuration, this storage was good enough for storing about 7TB personal data. The migration and data synchronization processes went on smoothly, without any impediments. This kind of backup plan delivers high reliability, ensuring fast data access when it is needed.