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We love to share our works with our page visitors. The below posts are from the data recovery cases we received.

The worst nightmare – Data Recovery from Seagate Cheetah SAS drive

The worst nightmare a data recovery engineer can think of! No data can be recovered from these platters that belong to Seagate Cheetah SAS drive. The magnetic layer where the data lays is scraped off the platters. Scratches this bad is a death sentence for any hard drive. Platter burnishing tools are not going to…

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I just wanted to give it a try

Damages from “I just wanted to give it a try” series. Platters were contaminated with fingerprints; the stuck heads were forcefully dragged back to the parking zone. In short, the drive was heavily tampered with and what’s more interesting, the customer was aware of the possible outcomes of such treatment.

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