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We love to share our works with our page visitors. The below posts are from the data recovery cases we received.

OWC SSD Not Showing Up In Mac Pro

SSD drives became a great alternative for mechanical hard drives that usually experience data loss from scratched platters. Unlike HDDs (hard disk drives), SSDs don’t have any moving parts and are more resistant to physical damages. They are faster and don’t make so much noise while working. Still, they can also fail and cause further…

SSD Data Recovery
SSD Data Recovery (Micron)

Solid-state drives are much more robust compared to traditional hard drives. They have no moving parts and thanks to it, SSDs are more durable and resistant to sudden vibrations and shocks. Fire damage, however, can be severe for any kind of storage devices. Causes of a fire can be different. It can be triggered when…

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SSD Data Recovery

SSDs have no rotating or moving parts. They store data on tiny flash memory chips. SSDs do not suffer from head crashes, scratches on surfaces, but mostly from controller chip/electronic component failures. If the memory chips are intact and not damaged, data can be retrieved. Another SSD data recovery case was resolved today and data…

SSD Data Recovery