To DIY Or Not To DIY | HDD Data Recovery

Here goes a question – To DIY or not to DIY?

Well, it was DIY this time. Another customer who decided to give it a try. The heads were badly damaged. HDD read/write heads can go bad for many reasons. When read/write heads are landed onto platters it is not an immediate death sentence for them. However, most of the time, in order not to risk the data recovery outcome, damaged heads assembly is replaced with a new one. By no means, we insist that DIY techniques are always dangerous. There are things that with enough care anyone can try.  We have seen the case when a customer was able to bring back his dead HDD, just by cleaning the contact point of its PCB. With the read/write heads things can get out of hands though. These are more delicate parts of an HDD that printed circuit board. One can test opening the protective lid of an HDD and rescue the stuck heads, but the person should acknowledge the risk associated with this bravery. To put it simply, an amateur person risks losing all data stored on the platter surface. Trying to rescue these stuck heads with unaided bare hands may end fatally not only for the heads but for the platter surface as well. Stay curious, but some things are best left to professionals.