Toshiba HDD Data Recovery

Bad things happen to hard drives, but to make the damage even more catastrophic you need a human. Curiosity is a natural thing and we understand that. With hard drives though, it could be risky. A single mistake can have a negative impact on businesses and individuals. Sure, it depends on how important the data is on a damaged drive. If it is invaluable, well, this changes the rules. With deleted files or let’s say, with formatted hard drives, there are some tools, software you go with. You just need to be careful enough not to overwrite the data you are trying hard to recover. When you are unsure whether it is a logical or physical issue that causes HDD failure, do-it-yourself techniques may exhaust the last chance of data being recovered. There will be no use to take the drive to professionals. We do receive such drives almost on a weekly basis. This drive above is just one of them. It is one of the luckiest one too. Toshiba HDD that was previously tampered with. Its label had already been peeled off and top screws been loosened before submitting to us. We observed scratches on the lid too. The platter condition allowed us to go with the further drive examination and recover most of the data.