In the technological era, data is one of the people’s primary sources worldwide. However, these resources sometimes become unnecessary, so a need to get rid of them occurs. 

But deleting data entirely from the device by tapping on the “delete” button or dragging it to the recycle bin or trash can is impossible. This process just makes the data unseen. Hence, you can not access deleted files because they are not visible, but it is still is stored somewhere on the data storage device.

Why is Data Deletion Important

Completely deleting data from the media device is one of the purposes before selling, recycling, and disposing of it.

Nevertheless, formatting the storage can not be enough, as media appliances require a specialized approach for a complete deletion of data off the memory space. Data elimination can be performed by using various techniques depending on your device, but destruction software is not one of them.

Users often look for format tools that overwrite the data to make the files inaccessible. This way, they try to save time. But usually, it works vice versa, costing them more time than it would initially cost. This happens as data erasure utilities do not guarantee that the data will become completely inaccessible, and a lot of information can get into the wrong hands.

Many companies may also offer a secure erasure service where your information is completely deleted from a device before being disposed of. So, professional sanitization services are necessary to efficiently and securely eliminate unnecessary data. 

Our Data Deletion Service

PITS Global Data Recovery Services realizes how essential the data erasure solutions are for those who want to erase their files from media storage devices for good. 

Data destruction is a very complicated and tricky process, which requires attention to detail, high skills, and specialized equipment. 

Experienced engineers of PITS Global Data Recovery Services destroy sensitive data using state-of-the-art technologies and advanced equipment. Our expert team tailors services based on your needs and achieve incredible results by completely erasing your data from the device. We examine the device and data in detail until no files are left to be restored. 

With cutting-edge equipment and advanced tools, PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers customers sanitization services achieving a 100% success rate. Our top-level company keeps up with the times and regularly updates sanitization equipment. It is essential for us to know that we develop in this industry and provide customers with secure and top-level data destruction services. 

Data Sanitization Methods We Offer:


Physical Destruction


Software Reset

Our company ensures in-lab and onsite data deletion from data storage devices. PITS Global Data Recovery Services specialists perform data erasure from all kinds of storage devices, including solid-state drives, hard disk drives, RAID arrays, flash drives, tapes, etc.

For more information about our data destruction and media disposal service, call us at (888) 611 0737 or submit a case. Our dedicated customer service will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.