Data Recovery from RAID 5
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Redundant Array of Independent Disks is a reliable data storage system used by businesses and individuals all over the world. People rely on these devices and entrust their valuable data to RAID arrays of various configurations. However, regardless of their durable system and dependable performance, RAID arrays, like any devices, are susceptible to failures.

Background of Failed RAID 5

RAID recovery cases are considered one of the most complex and tricky. Only professionals with years of experience in the recovery field can handle the situation and complete the case with minimal losses. So, when a RAID failure occurs, it is essential to entrust the device to a reliable recovery company. We recently worked on the data recovery from RAID 5, which was one of our trickiest cases. 

The client was facing a problem with his RAID 5. After inspection of the device, he found out that one of the drives of the system failed. When finding out the problem, the client decided to solve it himself and replaced the broken drive with the new one. 

This method is considered one of the most popular and wrong when dealing with RAID failure. As every user, our client was expecting that the RAID would accept the drive and continue functioning in its usual way. 

Still, the files were not accessible, and the client decided to call us for professional assistance. The client explained his case to us, and he was very worried about the lost data.

Hard Drives Recovery of Data

Considering the capacity of RAID 5, usually, the possibility of data recovery in such cases is low.  Our customer understood it but still decided to take a chance and see if there was any possibility of recovering some files. After answering all of the questions, we sent the shipping label to the client and waited for his device at our lab.

RAID 5 Evaluation Process

Our engineers took the case and did everything that was in their power to restore lost files. After accepting the device at our facility, they started a technical inspection. We estimated that there was severe damage made to the device as the RAID volume got corrupted. However, our specialists calculated that approximately 98% of the files could be restored. 

After the technical inspection was finished, we discussed with the client all of our service options and possible outcomes of the recovery process. He agreed to continue the procedure, and we started working on the device.

RAID Failures May Occur for Several Reasons

  • In case of failure of one member drive.
  • In case of failure of more than one member drives.
  • In cases unrelated to drive failure (controller problem, operation error).

Results of the Recovery Process

Our engineers with years of experience and high skills were able to find the best recovery method for the RAID, which resulted in a successful outcome. 

Despite all the difficulties caused by the failed drive, our specialists repaired the volume and gained access to the files.  We worked on the device for several days and achieved an incredible result.

Our customer was very satisfied with the outcome, as he did not expect that the result would be so high. After all the device went through, all of the files were sent to the client along with the RAID.

If you are facing a similar RAID failure scenario, do not hesitate to contact us. You can get in touch with our dedicated customer service team by calling (888) 611-0737