PITS Global Data Recovery Services is a professional data rescue company offering state-of-the-art data rescue services worldwide.

Our data recovery experts can recover deleted or lost data from all types of external hard drives, RAID drivesSSDs, and server systems

We support every standard and custom operating system, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Our data repair specialists have recovered thousands of devices and still maintain a 99% success rate.

You can submit any questions using this link so that our data recovery specialists can help you right away! We will immediately contact you to discuss your case. We are confident that we will help you to resolve any data recovery issues you currently have.

Featured Services:

Hard Drive Recovery

HDD is a popular type of memory device used by businesses and individuals. Our dedicated team of data recovery experts will recover your files from any hard drive manufacturer and model available on the global market.

SSD Data Recovery

Our engineers regularly attend qualification courses to be able to recover all SSD models. We recover OCZ, OWC, Corsair, Samsung, Intel, Kingston and any other SSD manufacturer without risking media damage.

RAID Data Recovery

Our experienced engineers will carefully repair your RAID in a certified cleanroom using advanced data recovery tools and get your data back to you. We utilize state-of-the-art recovery tools to treat your devices safely.

NAS Data Recovery

Recovering failed NAS systems, we keep all our customers' data secure and confidential. Our company maintains a 99% success rate and can deliver your device recovered in 8-48 hours.

Server Data Recovery

When a server fails, you need to find a secure data recovery service as fast as possible. We offer free shipping and evaluation, and can recover your server in the shortest time possible.

SAN Data Recovery

If your SAN system fails due to physical or logical damage, our professional data recovery company has the advanced utilities to keep your device from having to be rebuilt from scratch.

Database Data Recovery

A database represents a collection of structured information. We understand how database collapse, malfunction, and failure can affect your enterprise. We always take appropriate steps and offer a reliable and complete set of database data recovery services.

Laptop Data Recovery

Laptops are commonly used by commuters, students, and every computer user who constantly needs access to data. Due to their mobility and portability, these devices can easily crash because of physical damage, but our engineers will handle it.

Desktop Data Recovery

Desktop computers are one of the essential devices in any computer user's life. People store all their vital information on computers hoping that they won't fail. But sometimes, they do, and it can lead to subsequent critical consequences and complete data loss.

Data Destruction Services

Data erasure is a helpful resolution for people who want to erase their data. Using this method, individuals destroy their data stored on storage devices. Our data recovery specialists can destroy read/write heads, overwrite your data, and permanently damage the magnetic field that stores files inside the machine.

Onsite Data Recovery

In addition to providing expert in-lab data recovery with a 99% success rate, our experienced team also offers professional onsite data recovery under exceptional circumstances. This option is reserved for the most delicate and challenging data loss situations.

Tape Data Recovery

When data tapes fail, you need to take appropriate steps to prevent accidental file corruption. Never attempt to run and read a tape if you believe that your device is malfunctioning in any way. Power down your drive immediately and contact us for professional data recovery, and we will be ready to help.

CF Card Recovery

CF is a memory card commonly used to store different file types in video and photo cameras. By being a reliable data storage system, CF are more durable and faster than SD cards. Unfortunately, data loss is a possibility for every type of media device.

Flash Drive Recovery

Thanks to long years of experience, our engineers recover USB flash drives, CD or SD memory cards in a matter of days. We can repair both physically and logically damaged flash drives devices and successfully recover deleted data.

SD Card Recovery

As with any other data storage device, Secure Digital memory cards are sensitive to wear and tear over time or logical and physical damage. Aging occurs when users keep lots of data on a flashcard for a very long time. As a result, their device failure might occur.

We understand how shocking losing personal family data or business file systems can be. Thus, you can ask any questions using this link so that our data recovery specialists can help you right away! Our data repair customer service will get back to you as soon as possible. We are confident that we can help you resolve any data recovery issue.

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