Our expert data recovery team operates in state-of-the-art ISO 10 Class Cleanrooms, ensuring the highest standard of safety and reliability in data recovery services. Specializing in secure data recovery, our specialists work in meticulously controlled environments to safeguard your data during physical recovery processes. Whether it’s HDD data retrieval, RAID array recovery, or SSD repair, we ensure top-notch service in the ideal cleanroom setting, establishing us as your ultimate solution for all data recovery requirements.

What is a Cleanroom?

Cleanroom environments play a crucial role in the data recovery process, ensuring the protection of media components from damage. They are essential for the physical recovery of hard drives, providing a contamination-free space to prevent serious damage during analysis, repair, and stabilization. These specialized environments are meticulously designed to eliminate any contaminants that could interfere with data recovery, including dust, airborne particles, and moisture.

The classification of cleanrooms is determined by their cleanliness level, adhering to ISO standards. These standards range from ISO 1, representing the highest level of cleanliness, to ISO 9, which indicates a lower level of cleanliness. Understanding cleanroom environments and their ISO classifications is essential for successful data recovery.

A lower ISO number indicates a cleaner environment, which is crucial for preserving data integrity during the recovery process. By grasping the significance of maintaining a contamination-free cleanroom, data recovery efforts are more likely to succeed without the risk of contamination.

Cleanrooms are essential in data recovery processes, providing a particle-free environment to protect hard drives during diagnostic or recovery operations. They safeguard against even the slightest amount of particulates, which could lead to significant damage to hard drives. This precaution ensures the safety and integrity of data recovery efforts.

Why is a Cleanroom Important for Data Recovery?

Cleanrooms are crucial for data recovery, as even tiny particles can irreparably harm hard drives and other components. The sensitive nature of the data recovery process requires a controlled, contaminant-free environment to ensure successful retrieval of data. 

The use of a cleanroom minimizes the risk of contamination to the media and allows for a more accurate diagnosis of the issue at hand. Moreover, it provides a safe space for specialists to perform delicate procedures on damaged drives without further compromising their integrity. Cleanrooms also help prevent data loss by reducing the chance of human error during recovery processes.

Understanding Cleanroom Classifications

Choosing the right data recovery service involves understanding cleanroom classifications. Different providers adhere to various ISO cleanroom standards, which can significantly impact your data’s integrity during recovery. Knowing the differences between these cleanroom standards is crucial for ensuring the safe and effective retrieval of your data.

Class 1000 (ISO 6)

This standard permits up to 1,000 particles per cubic foot. However, for hard drive repair, data recovery services often avoid using Class 1000 cleanrooms as they don’t meet the stringent requirements necessary for such delicate operations.

Class 100 (ISO 5)

This standard permits up to 100 particles per cubic foot, making it a widely accepted benchmark in the data recovery industry.

Class 10 (ISO 4)

We follow strict Class 10 standards, limiting particle presence to a maximum of 10 particles per cubic foot. This is crucial for the sensitivity of hard drives and advanced media. This level of caution ensures safe and reliable data recovery.

Our facilities surpass the highest cleanroom classification standard, Class 1 (ISO 3), allowing no more than one particle per cubic foot. This exceptional cleanliness is vital for the success of data recovery efforts, particularly in scenarios where even a single particle can cause irreversible damage to the sensitive components of a hard drive.

Only One Company Does Remote File Verification Session

Our file verification process via remote session is integral to customer satisfaction. Unlike other companies, we are the only ones offering this unique service. Following successful data recovery, we initiate a remote session that allows our customers to peruse and check their files on their own.

Customer File Verification Preview

How Does Cleanroom Recovery Work?

Processing your hard drive in a cleanroom begins with a meticulous examination to identify the specific issues affecting your data storage device. This initial diagnostic is crucial, as it determines the necessary steps for recovery while ensuring the safety of your data. Once the problem is identified, our specialists, equipped with specialized tools and wearing appropriate protective gear, operate within our ISO 3 Class 1 cleanroom environment to minimize any risk of contamination. 

Our Data Recovery Specialists

This setting is critical for opening and repairing hard drives, as it prevents tiny, almost invisible particles from causing further damage to the already sensitive components. Whether the issue lies within the hard drive’s mechanical, electronic, or firmware systems, our team’s operations within the Cleanroom are designed to offer the best chance for successful data recovery, all while maintaining the integrity and security of your data.

Once the data recovery process is complete, the data is securely transferred to a new storage device and undergoes a thorough quality control process to ensure its integrity and reliability. 

Our commitment to maintaining the strict standards of our cleanroom environment throughout the recovery process sets PITS Global Data Recovery Services apart, offering our clients the best chance of successful data recovery with the utmost attention to data security and privacy.

Feel free to contact us for more information, help with data recovery, or to schedule a consultation with our specialists. Our team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide the support you need to safeguard your data.

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Data Recovery Reviews
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This company is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 6215 review(s)
Avatar of Matthew Leal
Matthew Leal
Apr 18, 2024
My data was successfully recovered! I'm so happy with this service. Emma was an excellent customer service rep and helped me through the account verification process with ease. Thanks so much!
Apr 18, 2024
To be honest, I am super happy and satisfied with the delivered service by PITS Global. I have met so many people and read reviews of many others with their amazing experience at PITS. Firstly, I had ... a nice chat with my account manager, John, before shipping them the device. He even sent me a prepaid shipping label for my 4TB WD blue HDD)) Happy to say, I shipped then the device very next day and waited for ny evaluation results. So after 3 days, they sent me an email with the quote and a whole explanation of my hdd’s problem, so I can have a better understanding of their service. The pricing was fair and I decided to move with the standard procedure. Fast forward, after couple days, I got a call from Filip for the verification session. The final results were not what I expected because PITS could get ALL of my data without a missing file. These folks are the real professionals in their field and I am super blessed that I had a chance to work with them. High five for excellent results!)
(Read More)
Apr 17, 2024
My data was fully recovered, I am very pleased
Avatar of Iorvor Daniel
Iorvor Daniel
Apr 17, 2024
Huge thanks to Eric and all of the engineers that work at PITS. These guys could recover 2TB of my data from corrupted Seagate HDD. Before shipping them my device, I had a talk with many other ... companies but the PITS grabbed my attention, so we moved forward with them. They truly ARE the professionals!
(Read More)
Avatar of Kimberly Zamora
Kimberly Zamora
Apr 16, 2024
I have been using my brother's 2TB WD HDD for a while but last month when It was connected to my laptop, we had a power surge which affected the device. I knew that he will be furious if he finds out, ... so I needed to move quick. A whilee ago, I already had a talk with PITS but never used them, so I believe this was the time. I explained them the situation, shipped the device, approved the recovery process and just waited, just waited.....But thankfully within only few days, Filip called me that they recovered everything, so it's time for a verification session. I jumped on my computer, had to see all of the files like nothing happened to the drive and approved the same second. Thanks to PITS, my brother never found out, so I am incredibly thankful for the job they have done
(Read More)
Doug Kellogg
Apr 16, 2024
During a routine system update, our office’s 24TB RAID 6 array with operational data experienced a catastrophic failure. Thankfully, PITS Global Data Recovery in Los Angeles was recommended by a ... fellow technician. We had a good talk with Eric and moved forward to the recovery process after receiving our evaluation results. I personally was in constant in touch with them because of my stressful situation but they were incredibly professional and never let me down during any of our calls. I am putting 5 stars for their communication and another 5 stars for the successful recovery of the data. Losing this data could have definitely disrupted our tech startup's operations for months
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Frequently Asked Questions

Cleanroom Data Recovery is a process used to safely retrieve data from damaged storage devices, such as hard drives, in a controlled environment. This environment, known as a cleanroom, is designed to maintain low levels of pollutants like dust, airborne microbes, and chemical vapors, minimizing the risk of further damage to the sensitive components of the storage media.

Cleanrooms are necessary for data recovery because they provide an environment with controlled levels of contamination. This is critical when dealing with sensitive components of data storage devices that can be easily damaged by dust particles or other contaminants, potentially leading to irreversible data loss.

Physical damage to your storage device, especially internal, or if it requires opening during recovery, may necessitate cleanroom conditions. A professional data recovery service provider can assess your device and determine whether cleanroom recovery is needed.

The International Standards Organization (ISO) has developed classifications for cleanroom environments, ranging from ISO 1 (the cleanest) to ISO 9 (the least clean). For data recovery purposes, environments typically range from ISO 3 (Class 1) to ISO 6 (Class 1000), where a lower ISO number reflects a cleaner, more controlled environment.

Opening a hard drive outside a cleanroom can cause permanent data loss and is not advised. Hard drives’ internal components are equipped with the necessary cleanroom environment and tools to recover your data safely.

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