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Solid-state drives (SSDs) are structured in such a way that it is impossible to address a specific physical cell using the operating system. Various data collection algorithms, TRIM protocol, and other methods used by manufacturers to increase SSD performance lead to the complete files’ inaccessibility after the user erases them for good. At the same time, physically overwriting the contents of deleted files will not lead to the required outcome of destroying the data from the device completely.

SSD Erasure Using Different Methods

Our team decided to perform data erasure on SSD using different techniques to check which one is the most beneficial. 

Simple Data Deletion

File deletion is a direct way to lose access to your SSD data. Only with this option can a user erase the selected files. Nevertheless, this method will not completely delete the data, and it will still be possible to recover it. Hence, erasing your data by tapping “delete” or transferring it to the recycle bin is not enough.

Solid-State Drive Formatting

An SSD formatting can be performed without installing any software, only using an operating system. It is essential to ensure that the OS performs Full Formatting instead of Quick Format.

Quick Formatting

The quick format takes less time to finalize. With this type of formatting, the drive is not inspected for bad sectors before the process begins. It may seem that all the files were deleted, but they are still on the media.

Full Formatting

Full format, consequently, takes more time. In addition, to the formatting procedure, it scans the solid-state drive for bad sectors and updates a file system. However, extracting data from an SSD is still an option.

When scanning the device after formatting, our specialists noticed that some of them were still able to be recovered. The shown files were mostly zero bytes and did not have names. As a result, full format deleted some of the files on the drive, leaving some of them recoverable.

Solid State Drive Encryption

Encrypting the entire SSD should, in theory, be enough to make files unrecoverable. We decided to use the BitLocker encryption tool to encrypt the SSD. You can review our BitLocker Encryption and Decryption process here. After encrypting the drive, we formatted it to check if all the files would be erased. Formatting the SSD in full, our specialists scan the device to understand how well this method performs. 


We failed to scan the hard drive, as the system stated that the boot sector of the SSD drive could not be read. Nevertheless, entering the password for the encrypted solid-state drive (SSD) gave us the same result as normal formatting. Some of the files were still available for restoration.
Our engineers concluded that solid-state drives have a complicated infrastructure and write/read techniques, which makes data deletion more complex. There are many programs on the Internet that guarantee 100% erasure of the files, but most of them use formatting that does not show maximum results of deletion.

Therefore, when there is a need to delete data on your drive fully, it is better to entrust your device to professionals. PITS engineers specialize in data erasure regardless of the type of device. We find the most suitable method for each case, achieving the maximum deletion of your files.

Why Choose Our SSD Data Erasure?

PITS offers its erasure solutions to businesses and individuals in the United States, performing a complete deletion of stored data from hard drives, SSDs, RAIDs, USB drives, servers, and other media. We expand our network of facilities to be able to help our clients anywhere they are.

Hence, when there is a need for full and secure data erasure, we are ready to help. All you have to do is to approach one of our offices or drop-off points in your city. Our company aims to provide clients with the most efficient deletion of the data. Therefore, we use multiple methods on the device, constantly checking the availability of the files.

Our specialists thoroughly review the media, so there is no data left. We perform the erasure of the files based on the requirements of our clients. Based on the needs of our customers, we find the most suitable data erasure strategy and perform deletion step-by-step.

PITS team regularly develops its data destruction solutions. This way, we constantly upgrade our facilities and renew destruction methods, so there is no case we can not handle. Working in cutting-edge labs and certified cleanroom, our technicians safely destroy data from your storage device.

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Full data destruction is a result that can be achieved only with an individual approach, deep knowledge, and advanced technique. Our highly-qualified engineers perform the process at the highest level of security and precision. Hence, when there is a need to erase your data, do not hesitate and contact us.

PITS company is ready to help you regardless of the type of device, file system, operating system, and storage capacity. Start your data destruction process by calling our customer service line at 888.611.0737. You can also request our erasure service by filling out the request help form below.