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It is a comprehensive solution for organizing reliable storage of information resources and providing guaranteed access to them. NAS systems can be part and basis of the Data Processing Center. A solution for connecting external storage devices such as disk arrays, tape libraries, and optical drives to servers makes the data storage process more manageable.

WD My Book as NAS

NAS devices are becoming more and more popular in homes and small businesses. Compared to regular PC servers, they are inexpensive, consume less electricity, and are easier to maintain even for a less experienced person.

Most NAS devices use RAIDs of various types for fault tolerance and data retention. Many manufacturers of NAS devices offer their users their RAID management systems, which can combine different hard drives into quite complex RAID systems. 

Such schemes allow home users or small businesses to make efficient use of the extra disks, but they have one drawback: it is not very clear what to do with such RAID systems when it comes to data recovery.

Any Regular NAS System Has:

  • Multiple hot-swappable complicated drive slots. 
  • Network port for communication with the network. 
  • A quality cooling system, since the NAS will need to work non-stop.
  • A simple processor, a small amount of RAM and other necessary “hardware.”

WD My Book NAS Failure

In fact, given the vast amount of data stored in this device, a NAS drive failure could result in catastrophic data loss and downtime. These devices can cause data loss, such as logic failures of the operating system, viruses, and accidental deletion of files. 

Even if NAS provides more security than third-party cloud services and other media, data loss cannot be excluded entirely.

In addition to these problems, NAS devices may also fail from such problems as operator errors during RAID reconfiguration, software failures with NAS, or erroneous updates. NAS is also vulnerable to physical damage such as fire or water damage.

Whether physical damage or a logical error, NAS system recovery requires specialized knowledge and tools that only professional NAS data recovery service providers have.

WD MyBook NAS has Several Advantages Over Regular WD MyBook External Drives:

  • Multiple Users Can Connect at Once
  • Can Increase Volume
  • Data Backup Using RAID Arrays of Different Levels
  • Built-in Antivirus Will Protect Your Data

WD My Book Data Recovery

PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers professional and highly qualified data retrieval solutions to various network data systems, including NAS. Our engineers perform file recovery from NAS systems for different data loss reasons, including mechanical failure, firmware upgrades, and power failures, achieving the maximum results.

Recently, we had a NAS system recovery case. It was a pediatrics group’s network-attached system, which consisted of Western Digital my book hard drives. The device could not boot, and the LED power indicator continued to flash. The client tried a factory reset of the drive, but the attempt failed as the drive was not showing. He requested our recovery services by contacting the customer service team.

After explaining the details to our representative and getting all the answers to the questions, the client decided to send the device to our lab. The system was shipped to our laboratory, and our engineers started the data restoration processes.

We checked each hard drive in ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom step by step. The data recovery experts found out that the problem was one of the hard disks had a spindle motor malfunction.

The spindle motor is an essential component of a computer hard disk drive, which is responsible for rotating the drive plates on the axis. Accountable for the uniformity and stability of rotation, the spindle provides trouble-free operation of the hard disk drive for a long time.

As a result of power failures, the drive’s motor was damaged. The hard drive became useless – access to its information disappeared. Only a company specializing in HDD recovery can help in such cases.

WD My Book NAS Data Recovery

After recovering data from WD MyBook hard drive, the next step was to restore the RAID system. Most NAS devices run customized versions of Linux. Various RAID management systems are based on two RAID technologies in Linux: mdadm and LVM2.

We worked on the spindle motor in our ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom. Our data recovery experts unsoldered a new motor from the exact same hard drive and replaced it with the failed drive. 

As the drive with replaced component could not be reliable, all the essential files were transferred to another hard drive.

Our client’s case was a mdadm RAID data management system, and our engineers were able to restore the mdadm RAID, and the NAS system started operation correctly. The customer received all the lost files and was satisfied with the provided service. 

PITS Global Data Recovery Services’ engineers recover files from various media storage networks and are able to help with various failure scenarios. Contact us at (888) 611-0737 if you are facing the same problem with your NAS to request our professional data recovery solutions, and we will gladly help you.