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Removable storage devices such as flash drives, SD cards, CF cards, and other media are commonly used by people in their daily life. The advantage of their use is a small size, low cost, different ways for usage, a reasonably large storage capacity, and ease of connectivity.

However, this type of storage device has several disadvantages. One of them is a limited data writing cycle. Hence, only a specified amount of data can be read. After the limit is passed, the flash drive can not be used. 

The portability of the flash drive is considered both an advantage and disadvantage of the USB drive. It is comfortable for users to carry their valuable data around. However, due to their mobility, flash drives are often exposed to physical damage. 

Common Reasons for Failed USB Drive

A failure and data loss on flash drives can occur for various reasons, categorized into physical and logical. Estimating the cause of file inaccessibility on a USB drive is essential, as it helps to understand what to do next. 

Casing Damage. This kind of failure can occur due to improper handling and accidental damage. In this case, the USB connector may bend, break or crumble. If this damage does not affect the memory chip inside, then data recovery from the flash drive is possible. Moreover, if a computer detects a thumb drive with a broken case, it is quite possible to continue operating without further repair.

Water or Fire Damage. These kinds of failures happen all the time. In case of water damage, the stick should be dried within a couple of days. Turning on a wet flash drive may cause the contacts to be short out due to the water, and consequently, data loss will occur. If the flash drive does not after it is dried out again, you should check the chip because the working connections can short out. 

When fire damage affects the flash drive, it is essential to check the state of the chip. If the fire impacts the microchip, data is likely to be inaccessible. 

Power Failure. A common cause of flash drive malfunctions is static voltage. It can be transferred from the computer when the media is connected. In rare cases, failure occurs when the flash drive overheats. In any case, it can cause severe damage to the USB drive. 

Controller Errors. A controller is a chip inside the media. It is responsible for reading and writing information. A fault in the controller can cause the “USB device not recognized” error. 

Wear and Tear. Errors on USB sticks occur when the memory wears out. The flash drive is constantly writing and erasing information, but the number of rewrites is limited. It is large enough even for inexpensive flash drives, but memory wear can vary in different areas.

The flash memory area, which is responsible for the file system, wears out more. 

To overcome this situation, manufacturers have come up with “memory leveling,” which increases the media’s life. But in most cases, memory wear causes data inaccessibility.

Importance of Professional Data Recovery for Flash Drives

Facing a data loss on a flash drive is critical. It is essential not to worsen the situation by taking wrong actions. Many users try to mend the flash drive and restore the data themselves. Many options on the Internet guarantee successful results. However, there are certain risks in using these methods.

Flash drives are fragile devices, and repairing them at home is not an option. The media must be reviewed in specialized facilities, and recovery can only be performed using precise tools. 

Data recovery software for a flash drive can be very risky. Uploading an unverified program on your device can worsen the situation by inserting the virus. In addition, it can overwrite your valuable files, making them unrecoverable. 

Hence, when noting any signs of failure on a flash drive, it is essential to entrust your case to a professional data recovery company, such as PITS.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers flash drive users an extensive set of solutions. We restore data from USB drives regardless of the data loss scenario.

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