Our Works

We love to share our works with our page visitors. The below posts are from the data recovery cases we received.

Scratches of death!

Scratches of death! At least once a week we receive such badly damaged drives. Unfortunately, with clearly visible scratches this wide, there is no chance for a full data recovery. If other platter surfaces are intact, only partial data recovery can be expected, at its most.

Hard Drive Recovery
A fallen 4TB WD drive

At PITS Global, we exhaust every other opportunity before we reach the best possible outcomes. 100 gigabytes of data have been successfully recovered from a fallen 4TB WD drive. Whatever the brand, data storage devices do fail on occasion. A shop that you have bought a drive never provides a warranty to give your data…

Hard Drive Recovery
Another victim

Another victim of unskilled hands and a fraudulent service. A person in the remote region who pretended to be an authorized PITS Global representative has brutally bent the lid of the damaged hard drive using hand force, contaminated the platter surface with fingerprints. The final nail in the coffin was severely damaged surfaces. The magnetic…

Hard Drive Recovery
A mirrored copy – RAID 1

Data recovery from a RAID1 system is completed. Who would expect a total failure of a RAID1 Array that consists of a mirrored copy of data on two or more drives? An IT person who is in charge of taking care of the whole IT infrastructure should expect such scenarios. That person should be aware…

Raid Data Recovery