Our Works

We love to share our works with our page visitors. The below posts are from the data recovery cases we received.

Gigabytes of Important Data

Hundreds of gigabytes of important data from Flash storage devices have been recovered by our engineers so far. Using Flash drives/memory cards as the main storage device for your important data is indeed a risky move. These storage devices have a lifespan that depends on the number of write cycles to flash memory. There is…

Flash Data Recovery
SSD Data Recovery

SSDs have no rotating or moving parts. They store data on tiny flash memory chips. SSDs do not suffer from head crashes, scratches on surfaces, but mostly from controller chip/electronic component failures. If the memory chips are intact and not damaged, data can be retrieved. Another SSD data recovery case was resolved today and data…

SSD Data Recovery
Black Magnetic Dust

The Internet abounds with quite a lot Do It Yourself materials for data recovery from damaged hard drives. These methods often confuse drive owners and most of them are based on data recovery myths. If you are really lucky, these so-called methods will not damage a drive any further. If you are not, the result…

Hard Drive Recovery
Hard Drive Platter Inspection

HDD platter inspection process. Drive has suffered from a head crash. Before submitting to us, the customer has removed the HDD lid in order to check the internal parts. There were visible debris and microscopic circular scratches on the surface. Circular scratching means that the customer has tried to run the HDD at least once…

Hard Drive Recovery
Portable GPS Device Recovery

Data recovery from eMMC chip has been completed. The chip was unmounted from a portable GPS device with an unknown brand and model. The chip was undamaged, but we could see that it was previously removed from the circuit board. We managed to access the required data and deliver them to the customer.

Flash Data Recovery
Seawater-Damaged Phones

Summertime stands for lots of suns, vacation, family time, fun, swimming pools or sea. Speaking of the sea, if you are an ardent diver and insist to dive into the water with your smartphone, you have to make certain that your phone is water-resistant. Because summertime also means seawater-damaged phones that have been submerged underwater…

Phone Data Recovery
Managed to retrieve Databases

️ We have managed to retrieve databases from another damaged RAID10 Array with four drives. In our previous posts, we have mentioned that for databases RAID10 is usually a more recommended solution. This is the rule that most IT engineers follow now, but a proper RAID monitoring system often seems to be overlooked. Any RAID…

Raid Data Recovery
High Precision Soldering

Monolithic microSD card with its protective plastic layer being removed. The pinout map has been inspected and the map looks promising for further actions. This is just a beginning and the main challenge in order to ensure successful data recovery is ahead of us.  

Flash Data Recovery
Kilobyte Matters

There are some data recovery cases where every kilobyte matters. When the damage is severe, certain small files that belong to databases need more time and usually more resources to be successfully recovered. These are the risks that might occur outside the control of any organization. Every member of our data recovery team is aware…

Hard Drive Recovery
Non-functional Lexar branded CF

Non-functional Lexar branded CF card and unsoldered NAND memory chips. The card belongs to a professional photographer and data was inaccessible due to problematic micro-controller. When we cannot access data through the traditional interface, we need to have direct access to its memory chips and get a physical image of data by using the Chip-off…

CF Card Data Recovery