SanDisk Micro SD Card Data Recovery
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The loss of valuable data from digital media often becomes a big problem for technology users. People usually record their family photos and videos, work files, and necessary educational materials on such compact devices as flash drives or HDDs. 

Restoring data from a MicroSD card using data recovery software often ends unsuccessfully. Users risk with their data as it can get completely overwritten.

To ensure effective MicroSD card recovery, it is best to contact professionals. PITS Global Data Recovery Services’ highly experienced and qualified employees will perform the work quickly and efficiently. By working in our ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom, engineers ensure that no dust particles will harm sensitive devices.

SanDisk Ultra Plus MicroSD Failure

Over the past week, our data recovery team received a SanDisk Ultra Plus MicroSD memory card for evaluation. The customer tried to look through their photos from the last family trip but could not access his files. After researching for a reliable data retrieval company, he decided to entrust his media storage to us.

Our technicians received the drive and started diagnostics. They found out that the memory card was damaged due to malfunctions in the client’s PC ports. The computer applied a little too much voltage, which caused the MicroSD connectors to fail.

The first step to recovering files from such a card is to read the dumps from the chip. To do this, our engineers mechanically remove the protective varnish that hides the tracks and pads of the monolith.

When our technicians can see the pads to which the data bus, chip-enable, read/write busy, power supply, etc., are connected, they start the data recovery using the pin-out repair method.

A pin-out is a reference to the pins that connect an electrical device or connector. It describes the functions of the transmitted signals and the circuit input/output requirements. Each particular pin in a chip, connector, or separate wire is defined in a text form, table, or diagram.

SanDisk MicroSD Memory Card Pin-out

Firstly, our data recovery technician removed the protective layer of the monolithic memory card. He cleaned the media storage with an ultrasonic cleaner so that debris particles do not interfere with the procedure.

The technician noted electrical connections. Each connector was correctly connected to a connector that had the same function. It was necessary to prevent the linkage of different functions, which can lead to damage or failure of the component.

Further, referring to our database of contact output schemes, the monolith was soldered with thin conductors to the circuit board under a microscope. The pin-out of the customer’s MicroSD card was completed successfully. The next step was restoring the file system, which was detected as corrupted when our expert analyzed missing data.

In most cases, marking a file system with the RAW label indicates problems with it, certain violations of its structure or file types. Micro SD card becomes RAW and blocks the device’s capacity to respond to the corresponding operating system requests.

MicroSD Card RAW File System Recovery

Our engineer ran commands to encrypt the files and recover data from the SanDisk memory card. As the media storage became RAW due to physical failure, we saw the pictures in the desired format after running the algorithms. It indicated that the process was successful. 

For complete recovery of RAW memory card, the technicians supplement the option with catalogs with the option without structure after additional scanning. 

As a result, all user files were successfully found and saved to a new storage device.

The client reviewed the results and approved them. Our engineers destroyed the client’s files saved on our servers and successfully closed the case.

To restore the information as efficiently as possible, individuals must not try to do the work themselves. Turning to professionals with the appropriate competencies and experience is better immediately. Data recovery from a MicroSD memory card is performed using specialized software and hardware that is not available to most users.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services uses innovative technologies and data recovery tools, which significantly increase the efficiency of file recovery. We provide expedited evaluation and emergency data recovery services to minimize downtime for those who need to access their files immediately. Engineers begin data retrieval processes immediately after receiving the storage device.

Contact our customer service line at (888) 611-0737, or fill in the request help form to start your particular case right away. We recover data from RAW file formats or when it is accidentally deleted or lost from a digital camera.