HP RAID Drive Recovery New Jersey

SCSI hard drives are famous for their high data transfer rate. Such equipment is very popular among those who work with servers. However, it has several features, so in the event of a malfunction, data recovery from SCSI can only be entrusted to competent specialists who are well acquainted with all the nuances of the operation of such devices.

The situation’s complexity lies in the fact that such an interface is used mainly on complex equipment. The performance of offices and enterprises depends on their serviceability. Most often, the problem of information loss is critical. 

It is required to restore data from the server in which the SCSI disk is installed as soon as possible due to the downtime of the organization’s activities.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides businesses of all sizes with advanced and fast data restoration solutions. Our engineers safely recover files from hard drives with different interfaces such as SCSI, SATA, SAS, ATA, IDE, etc.

HPE ULTRA320 HDD Data Failure

We recently received a request for server data recovery from a user of an HP server. It was a 3R-A3845-AA HPE 18.2 GB. With ULTRA320 SCSI interface and 15K RPM speed.

Although all of the disks were in a normal state following the reboot, the customer complained that the server would not start as the array had failed. He stated that he only needed to recover one hard drive so he could rebuild the array using dual parities saved on the drive.

Our technician ran diagnostics, but the operating system could not access the drive. When the power was connected, along with the sound of rotation, we could hear a characteristic rhythmic knock. In some cases, this may be followed by an engine stop. Sometimes there may not be a knock, but the sound of the heads coming into readiness is also not audible.

The expert unsealed the hard disk drive in our ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom. The inspection showed that the read/write heads were not functional. Thus, the data on the magnetic platters were inaccessible.

In such a situation, data recovery from a hard drive is possible using donor disks. With this approach, our experts replace a faulty hard disk element with a donor one taken from another similar disk.

Server-grade Hard Drive Magnetic Head Unit Recovery

Our specialist used an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the hard disk’s internal part before starting the data recovery process. By doing this, we could remove the majority of the drive’s dust, and the subsequent procedures were secure.

It is crucial to consistently purchase hard drive batches created by manufacturers, track new models and their adjustments, and maintain our donor base. By replacing the failed block of magnetic heads with a new one that has been unsoldered from a donor drive, our engineers are able to recover the lost data.

The specialist first completely disassembled the disk, made the necessary replacement of parts or components, reassembled the disk, and started reading data. This complex procedure required the utmost care and precision.

Since the components of the disk store some of the information that is necessary for the operation of the hard drive, when replacing them, service information should be transferred to the donor controller. To do this, our data recovery expert soldered the ROM with data. After all the work was done to start the disk, he could start copying all the saved data.

HP RAID Drive Data Recovery

SCSI Hard Disk Bad Blocks Recovery

During the data transfer, our expert detected bad sectors on the HDD. Bad sectors of a hard disk are sectors that, when attempted to read, result in errors due to various reasons. 

They occur due to a malfunction of the magnetic head unit, errors during recording, inconsistency of data, and CRC Checksum Failure. When bad blocks appear on the hard disk, the disk slows down or does not even open.

Our data recovery technician fixed the bad sectors and continued to extract all of the vital files. Then he transferred them to a new HDD and shipped them back to the customer after a remote file verification. 

Contact PITS Global Data Recovery Services at (888) 611-0737 to request our advanced data restoration solutions for servers and enterprise-level media storage. For successful results, do not try to use data recovery software as they overwrite lost data making further processes impossible to perform.