Data Recovery from Synology NAS

Network Attached Storage is one of the most popular solutions for storing large amounts of information or accessing data from several devices. NAS drives are more complex than USB and eSATA devices. 

Such media storage already has its processor and memory; it can be configured and programmed. In NAS, you can find more than one drive – in this case, the hard drives inside the device are connected as a RAID array.

NAS drives can use different file system options. Drives are running Linux, then FAT or one of the EXT2 / EXT3 file system variations. They can run even Android.

The organization of a RAID-storage device based on a NAS is mass and applicable in various areas of user activity, both for individual use and for use in small companies. The array has high-speed performance and low vulnerability. It allows to operate data efficiently, so it has received high demand for creating safe and secure storage systems.

Network Attached Storage Failure

However, despite the reliability of NAS storage and the built-in features of the RAID architecture, providing access to data after failures, information can be lost.

The Reasons Can be Different:

  • Incorrect User Actions 
  • Accidental Data Erasure
  • Software Failures in the Logical Structure
  • System Malfunctions
  • Corrupted Service Metadata
  • Physical Damage to Equipment

The complexity of recovering NAS is that they use RAID arrays consisting of several disks. At the same time, some devices technically do not allow monitoring the status of these disks. 

At the beginning of work with a network drive, specialists carry out diagnostics – it will allow  to carefully study and test all device systems and identify problems and their sources. In accordance with the information received, a plan for further work is being developed. RAID arrays are different, so each needs a different approach. 

RAID 0 is widely used for network attached storage systems – an array in which information is broken down into the same length blocks and then written alternately to each disk in the structure. The primary purpose of such a system – is the actual increase in performance in half, and you will access the total volume of all disks.

Synology NAS Hard Drive Recovery 

Recently we received a data recovery request from an online shop. The customer complained that the NAS device was heating up and did not boot, so it was not seen in the BIOS.  Our engineers received the device and ran diagnostics. The microchip of one hard disk was burnt out due to constant overheating. Failed drive caused data loss from the RAID array. Thus the system was not determined.

Synology RAID 5 with Hot Spare

The first step to recovering the network-attached storage was to unseal failed HDD in our ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom. In cases of burnt microcontrollers, the problem is solved by replacing it with a new one taken from the donor hard disk.

Our data recovery experts removed the circuit boards from both hard drives and replaced the damaged printed circuit board with a new one.

They needed to transfer the ROM chip from the original board to the new one as after installing a new board, the disk motor spun, but the disk was not detected. In this case, there was no compatible ROM chip on the PCB, so the ROM was integrated into the main controller chip.

After this procedure, we transferred data to a brand new HDD and started to recover the RAID data management system.

NAS RAID 0 Data Recovery

The NAS system was running on a RAID 0 array in the client’s case. Our engineers emulated the work of the RAID controller and assembled four drives to extract all the files. We accessed all the required documents and delivered them to the recovered NAS system. The network-attached system was running again. We successfully closed this case, and the customer left a good review on the Google Reviews.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services assemble RAID arrays from various NAS models. We support all drive interfaces: IDE, SATA, SAS, SCSI, and successfully recover data even from VMware virtual machines and complex file systems. Contact PITS Global Data Recovery Services at (888) 611-0737 to access all your crucial files in the shortest time.