PITS Global Data Recovery Services is the leading provider of professional data recovery solutions in Illinois. We understand the complications that accompany data loss, whether it is due to a hard drive failure, RAID system crash, or other unforeseen circumstances. Our highly skilled team is dedicated to helping you recover your valuable data with precision and efficiency.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services in Illinois

With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we specialize in a wide range of data recovery services, including hard drive and RAID data recovery. Our state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technologies, and extensive expertise enable us to deliver exceptional results for individuals and businesses alike.

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At PITS Global Data Recovery Services, our team of skilled technicians is ready to recover data from your storage device. With our extensive experience and access to state-of-the-art tools, we support a 99% success rate. By clicking “Submit,” you agree to accept texts from PTS Global Data Recovery Services. Opt-out anytime by texting STOP.  

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We use proprietary data recovery techniques to recover data from damaged or corrupt hard drives and other storage media, restoring valuable data that may otherwise be lost. Our experienced technicians are highly trained in the latest technologies and have the knowledge to help you recover all of your important files.

Hard Drive Data Recovery in Illinois

At PITS, we understand the importance of your data and the critical role it plays in your personal and professional life. Our hard drive data recovery services in Illinois are designed to retrieve your valuable data with precision and care. Whether it is a mechanical failure, logical error, accidental deletion, or other issues, our team of experts is equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to handle a wide range of hard drive recovery scenarios.

We start with a thorough evaluation of your hard drive to assess the extent of the damage and determine the most appropriate recovery techniques. Our team utilizes advanced recovery techniques, hardware repairs, and cleanroom environments when necessary, to retrieve your data effectively and safely.

We prioritize the integrity and security of your data throughout the recovery process. Our facilities adhere to strict security protocols to ensure the confidentiality of your information.

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RAID Data Recovery Specialists in Illinois

RAID systems are widely used to enhance data storage performance and fault tolerance. However, when a RAID system fails, it can result in critical data loss. At PITS Global Data Recovery Services, we specialize in RAID data recovery in Illinois, offering comprehensive solutions to recover your valuable data.

We utilize cutting-edge technologies and proprietary methods to reconstruct RAID arrays, ensuring the recovery of your data even in complex scenarios involving multiple drive failures.

Our company understands the impact of downtime on your business operations. Our goal is to minimize disruption by providing efficient RAID data recovery services and fast turnaround times.

After the recovery process, we perform thorough data verification and integrity checks to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your recovered data. We prioritize data integrity to deliver reliable results.

Our team has in-depth knowledge and experience in working with various RAID levels, including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, and more. We understand the intricacies of RAID configurations and employ advanced techniques to reconstruct and restore your data.

RAID 0 Data Recovery

RAID 0 Data Recovery

RAID 0 Recovery
RAID 1 Data Recovery

RAID 1 Data Recovery

RAID 1 Recovery
RAID 5 Data Recovery

RAID 5 Data Recovery

RAID 5 Recovery
RAID 6 Data Recovery

RAID 6 Data Recovery

RAID 6 Recovery
RAID 10 Data Recovery

RAID 10 Data Recovery

RAID 10 Recovery
RAID 50 Data Recovery

RAID 50 Data Recovery

RAID 50 Recovery

Our engineers are certified and have extensive experience in the RAID recovery process. With our comprehensive approach, we can help you recover your data quickly and securely. We guarantee that all recovered data will remain safe and secure throughout the entire process. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your RAID data recovery needs.

Advantages of Our Services - Why Choose Us

PITS Global Data Recovery Services has a team of highly skilled technicians with extensive expertise in the field of data recovery. We stay updated with the latest industry advancements to provide cutting-edge solutions.

Our facilities are equipped with advanced technologies and cleanroom environments, ensuring the safe and secure recovery of your data. We invest in the best tools and equipment to deliver reliable results.

ISO Class 10 Cleanroom Recovery
Risk-Free Evaluation & Diagnostics
Flexible Service Options
Certified & Accredited Data Recovery
99% Success Rate
50+ Locations Throughout the US

We understand the sensitivity of your data and strictly adhere to confidentiality and security protocols. Your data remains confidential throughout the recovery process, and our facilities maintain robust security measures to safeguard your information.

Only One Company Does Remote File Verification Session

Our file verification process via remote session is integral to customer satisfaction. Unlike other companies, we are the only ones offering this unique service. Following successful data recovery, we initiate a remote session that allows our customers to peruse and check their files on their own.

Customer File Verification Preview
What Our Customers Say About Us

At PITS Global Data Recovery Services, we are dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction through our reliable and efficient data recovery solutions. We understand the frustration and anxiety that come with data loss, and our team goes above and beyond to provide a positive experience for our clients.

We tailor our data recovery services to meet your specific needs. Our team takes the time to understand your situation and provide individualized solutions that deliver the best possible results.

Our team believes in transparent and open communication. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support is available to answer your questions, provide updates on the recovery progress, and address any concerns you may have throughout the process.

We value your feedback and continuously strive to improve our services. Your satisfaction is instrumental in shaping our processes and driving us towards excellence. At PITS Global, we consider your satisfaction as the measure of our success. Our goal is not only to recover your data but also to provide a positive and stress-free experience during the entire data recovery journey. Start your data recovery with us, and we will restore all the required data from your storage device.

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Data Recovery Reviews
Average rating 4.9
This company is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 6215 review(s)
Dave Egbert
Apr 3, 2024
Kind, efficient, careful, considerate, and confidential. A nice asset to PITS.
Dave Shoff
Apr 2, 2024
They did a great job for me. They were able to recover all of my data from a failed external hard drive, and returned the data to me within just a few weeks. I am very satisfied with the service of ... PITS Global.
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Cryatic Cubes
Apr 1, 2024
PITS got all of my data back in less than a week and kept me updated the whole time. These people are great and super nice!
Avatar of chris haugh
chris haugh
Mar 29, 2024
Working with PITS Global Data Recovery Systems was a very positive experience from the start with account manager Adam Tridion all the way to colleague Emma Miller and the final file review session. I ... strongly recommend this company as they certainly brought a happy resolution to what seemed a devastating technical challenge for our non-profit historic preservation group as we thought we had lost valuable image and video files forever. Thank you again!
(Read More)
Kayla Taylor
Mar 29, 2024
PITS truly stands out as experts in the data recovery industry, and I had high expectations based on their reputation. They did not disappoint and managed to recover 100% of my data thanks to their ... skilled team, and I am thoroughly pleased with both the results and the service provided.
(Read More)
Kristen Hale
Mar 28, 2024
I am pleased to say that PITS was incredible in terms of communication and data recovery. I sent them my SSD, which was severely damaged and no longer functioning. However, PITS managed to recover all ... my data, transfer everything to a new drive, and immediately ship it back to me. Super fast and easy to work with
(Read More)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are experiencing issues such as data inaccessibility, unusual noises, error messages, accidental deletion, or physical damage, it is recommended to seek professional data recovery services. Our experts can assess your situation and provide guidance on the best course of action.

The duration of the data recovery process depends on the complexity of the case and the extent of the data loss. After evaluating your situation, we provide an estimated turnaround time. We strive to complete the recovery process efficiently while ensuring thorough and reliable data retrieval.

Absolutely. We prioritize the confidentiality and security of your data. Our facilities adhere to strict security protocols, and our team members sign comprehensive confidentiality agreements. Your data remains confidential throughout the entire data recovery process.

Yes, we understand that data loss emergencies can occur at any time. We offer emergency data recovery services to address critical situations promptly. Our team is available 24/7, ready to assist you in your time of need.

Yes, we specialize in recovering data from physically damaged storage devices. Our team utilizes advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to retrieve data even in cases of physical damage, such as drops, water damage, or fire damage.

We offer data recovery services for a wide range of storage devices, including hard drives, solid-state drives (SSDs), RAID systems, external drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, and more. Our experienced team has the expertise to handle various storage media and brands.

To initiate the data recovery process with PITS Global, simply reach out to our team via phone, email, or our website. We will guide you through the necessary steps, provide a free evaluation if required, and offer a quote and estimated timeframe for the recovery. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team is here to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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