Apple Data Recovery Services

Apple Data Recovery Services provided by PITS Global Data Recovery deliver comprehensive solutions for MacBook, iMac, and other devices. With our professional expertise, we can successfully recover data from various Mac models, including MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

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Apple Data Recovery Services

Apple Data Recovery Services, ensured by PITS Global Data Recovery Services, is a supreme provider of safe and reliable data rescue solutions for various Mac and Apple storage systems. Our dedicated team of experienced data technicians and engineers is available round the clock, 24/7, to assist you with all your data recovery needs. Whether you encounter data loss on your MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, or Time Capsule, our comprehensive data recovery services are tailored to recover your important files and ensure the utmost data integrity.

Apple Mac Data Recovery Services

Apple Mac Data Recovery Services, supplied by PITS Global Data Recovery, are designed to address various data loss scenarios. Utilizing state-of-the-art tools and advanced methodologies, we possess extensive expertise in retrieving data from Mac systems affected by hardware issues, accidental deletions, system crashes, or data corruption. Our team of skilled professionals profoundly understands the Mac operating system’s structure, enabling us to deliver efficient and reliable data recovery solutions, even in complex scenarios.

Although these devices are designed with advanced data security features, they can still suffer from data loss for various reasons. Accidental deletions, hardware failures, software corruption, and physical damage are some common causes of data loss on Apple devices. It is where PITS Global Data Recovery Services comes in. We offer specialized data recovery solutions that cater to a broad range of Apple devices and file systems.

Accidental Deletion: Unintentional removal of files or folders, whether by a user or during system maintenance, leading to critical data loss.

Disk Corruption: Corruption of the storage disk, potentially caused by hardware issues, power failures, or abrupt system shutdowns, resulting in inaccessible data.

Operating System Upgrades: Data loss during the macOS upgrade process, where unforeseen complications or interruptions can lead to the loss of important files.

Virus or Malware Attacks: Infiltration of malicious software compromising data integrity, with potential loss or encryption of files.

Formatted Drives: Accidental formatting of a storage device, erasing all data on the drive and necessitating recovery efforts.

Partition Errors: Issues with disk partitioning that can render data inaccessible, requiring specialized recovery techniques.

We retrieve erased data from physically impaired storage devices in our officially certified cleanroom, equipped with local parts storage and state-of-the-art recovery tools. Our recovery engineers are highly trained and experienced in performing data retrievals from Apple devices with any failure type. We use proprietary data recovery software and sophisticated tools to handle all the latest encryption technologies for different Mac models.

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MacBook, Time Capsule and iMac Data Recovery

PITS Global Data Recovery provides professional data recovery services for MacBook, Time Capsule, and iMac devices. These devices are renowned for their exceptional performance and storage capabilities but are not impervious to data loss incidents. Our team of experts possesses the tools and extensive knowledge to safely recover data from these devices in the event of accidental deletion, physical damage, or system failure. We also extend our data recovery services to Mac devices such as Mac Mini, Mac Pro, and Mac Server.

MacBook Data Recovery

Our expertise lies in the field of MacBook data recovery. With a wide range of distinct cases, we utilize tailored approaches, advanced software, and specialized tools to provide personalized solutions for data loss issues on all MacBook models, including MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Regardless of whether your MacBook is equipped with an Intel or M series processor, our team of proficient engineers specializes in various types of Apple data recovery.

Time Capsule Data Recovery

Our expertise lies in the recovery of Apple Time Capsules. We fully comprehend the significance of safeguarding crucial backups and priceless data. Utilizing cutting-edge tools and the most up-to-date methods, we are dedicated to accurately retrieving lost data from Apple Time Capsules. With our extensive understanding of the Apple ecosystem, we are here to assist you in securely backing up and professionally restoring your valuable information.

iMac Data Recovery

Our engineers receive rigorous training to stay current with the most recent data recovery methods. We specialize in iMac data recovery, addressing both physical damage and logical issues using cutting-edge technology. With our fully equipped laboratory, we guarantee secure and reliable data recovery. By employing advanced techniques such as disk imaging, file carving, and forensic analysis, we customize our approach to achieve optimal outcomes.

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Apple Device Failure - What to Do

Apple Device Failure can induce panic and uncertainty, yet it is crucial to remember that sudden data loss does not necessarily equate to permanent loss. The initial action is discontinuing the use of the device to prevent further data overwriting. Subsequently, it is advisable to seek assistance from an experienced data recovery service such as PITS Global, renowned for its expertise and advanced tools in handling such situations and maximizing the retrieval of your valuable data. However, taking the appropriate measures to ensure a successful recovery is important. Before sending your device to PITS Global Data Recovery Services, adhere to these instructions.

  1. Stop Usage: Immediately cease using the device to prevent further damage.
  2. Power Off: Turn off the device.
  3. Document Issues: Note error messages or symptoms preceding the failure.
  4. Backup: Attempt a backup of critical data if the device allows.
  5. Contact PITS Global: Contact PITS Global Data Recovery Services promptly for guidance.
  6. Secure Packaging: Pack the device securely to prevent transit damage.
  7. Provide Details: Describe the issue when contacting PITS Global.
  8. Complete Service Request Form: Fill out the service request form on our website.
  9. Follow Shipping Instructions: Ship the device following our provided instructions.
  10. Track Shipment: Monitor the shipment using the provided tracking information.

11. Evaluation and Quote: Our experts assess the device and provide a recovery quote.

12. Data Recovery Process: Upon approval, our technicians initiate the data recovery process, keeping you informed at every stage

Choose PITS for Apple Data Recovery and entrust your valuable data to a team of experts committed to delivering exceptional results with professionalism and precision.

Only One Company Does Remote File Verification Session

Our file verification process via remote session is integral to customer satisfaction. Unlike other companies, we are the only ones offering this unique service. Following successful data recovery, we initiate a remote session that allows our customers to peruse and check their files on their own.

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Apple Data Recovery Service Near Me

PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers extensive knowledge in Apple data recovery to multiple locations, delivering comprehensive solutions nationwide. Whether you are experiencing data loss problems with your MacBook, Mac Mini, Time Capsule, or iMac, our specialized services are accessible nationwide.

Apple Recovery Lab in New York

Apple Recovery Lab in Texas

Apple Recovery Lab in California

Apple Recovery Lab in Manhattan

Certified Apple Data Recovery Services

Reasons to Choose PITS for Apple Data Recovery

PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers high-quality data recovery services and treats each case individually. As a BBB Accredited and DUNS Verified data rescue company, we pride ourselves on maintaining 100% customer satisfaction. We provide various data recovery service options to cater to different recovery needs and budgets. 

MacBook Pro Data Recovery

We also offer emergency data recovery services for customers requiring expedited device recovery.

At PITS, we prioritize the security and privacy of your sensitive data throughout our recovery process. Stringent measures are implemented to protect your information. 

Our tailored solutions are specifically designed for Mac environments, offering comprehensive recovery services for macOS. By choosing PITS, you can enjoy a fast turnaround time, minimize downtime, and provide timely access to your recovered data.

Whether you own a MacBook, Mac Mini, or iMac, our comprehensive data recovery services cover various types of data, including documents, photos, videos, and more. Our streamlined process, from initial contact and assessment to transparent pricing, reflects our commitment to delivering a smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients. Choose PITS for Apple Data Recovery and trust our team of experts dedicated to professionalism, precision, and outstanding results.

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Data Recovery Reviews
Average rating 4.9
This company is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 6215 review(s)
Avatar of Caitlin Branham
Caitlin Branham
Mar 12, 2024
I cannot compare PITS to any other company because they did such an amazing job recovering my data from a damaged 2TB WD HDD. The last company that worked on my case couldn't recover even 1 file from ... it, but PITS did an amazing job and recovered all my data. It was a hit or miss because they were the last ones I was ready to trust, but they didn't let me down 👍
(Read More)
Avatar of LIDIA SEK
Mar 7, 2024
PITS did an incredible job in recovering my data from a damaged 1TB Seagate External HDD. John opened a case for me, walked me through the evaluation, and helped me choose the best option based on the ... timeline for data recovery. They were fast in recovering my data, and by the end of the service, arranged a verification session for me. I was able to connect to their server and view all of my files. I really liked the whole process, and I am definitely satisfied with the results
(Read More)
Avatar of Melissa Crump
Melissa Crump
Mar 7, 2024
It is great to know that there are professionals in the data recovery field who can help us to retrieve all of our data. I sent PITS my Lexar High 128GB micro SD card. The funny thing is that I only ... used that card for a month, and then right after the photoshoot, I didn't have access to any of my photos anymore. However, PITS got back to me within minutes after I submitted the form, explained the whole process, and also sent a prepaid shipping label. I am more than happy with the service they provided since within a few days, I already got all my data back. I highly recommend them to anyone who has gone through the same problem as me.
(Read More)
Cody Conn
Mar 7, 2024
A+ for everything that has been done by PITS. Throughout the service, I received updates, a great understanding of my issue, and many more benefits coming from their side. After they successfully ... recovered my data, Filip arranged a verification session for me to check all of my files and recovered media. It was a very nice feature since I wanted to be sure before moving on with the payment. Indeed, I received 100% of my data back, including a brand new hard drive as well. P.S. The shipping was fast as well
(Read More)
Avatar of avery jones
avery jones
Mar 5, 2024
Recently my SSD crashed and I had no access to my work documents anymore. There were some important files that I needed asap, so I contacted PITS immediately. My sales rep was John and he understood ... the urgency and opened a case for me. The next day the device was shipped and after evaluation, PITS started the data recovery process. You cannot imagine the relief I had when they called me back to inform that all of the data was recovered. They even sent me a cloud link so I can access to the data the same day. It was great to work with these guys, and I highly recommend them
(Read More)
Avatar of Anastasia Sachenko
Anastasia Sachenko
Mar 4, 2024
It was great to work with PITS. They were fast to help me and recover my data from damaged SSD. I got 100% of my data back and am super grateful for their professionalism!

Frequently Asked Questions

We handle various device failures, including hardware issues, accidental deletions, system crashes, and data corruption on Apple devices such as MacBook, iMac, Time Capsule, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, and Mac Server.

 Discontinue device use immediately to prevent further data overwriting and contact a reliable data recovery service like PITS Global.

The duration of the recovery process may vary based on the severity of data loss and the specific device. After evaluating your device, we can provide a more precise timeline.

Indeed, our team comprises skilled specialists equipped with state-of-the-art tools and profound expertise. They are adept at retrieving data from Apple devices, even in instances of physical damage.

At PITS Global, we place paramount importance on your data security. Stringent security protocols govern all data recovery procedures, guaranteeing your data’s maximum privacy and integrity.

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