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We love to share our works with our page visitors. The below posts are from the data recovery cases we received.

Western Digital 2TB Palmer SED Drive Recovery

We received the latest WD 2TB Palmer SED drive, which was previously opened by another data recovery company to inspect the mechanical failure. The customer brought the hard drive to our company to recover data as our price was much more competitive. The hard drive had surface damages and failed magnetic head assembly as the…

Cleanroom Data Recovery Hard Drive Recovery
Development of Pinout Maps for Micro SD cards

The physically failed Micro SD cards are one of the most challenging data recovery cases we receive. The monolithic micro SD card data recovery cases take a lot of engineer time, especially when the soldering pinout map is not available. If there is no pinout map in the market, then the case is escalated to…

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Successful Recovery from Head Stuck Hitachi Drive

The day ended with successful recovery from Hitachi 500GB 2.5″ hard drive. The customer from Texas shipped the hard drive to our lab in NYC and ordered an emergency data recovery under 24 hours. The engineer responsible for emergency hard drive recovery cases, reacted fast and removed the stuck heads carefully from the magnetic surfaces….

Cleanroom Data Recovery Hard Drive Recovery
Data Recovery from SATA M.2 SSD Drive

One of our customers from Wall street brought the latest and very slim HP laptop, saying that it does not boot. We know that there are many reasons for laptop boot failure problems. But the customer’s concern was the business data she stored in the laptop. She requested us to copy the data from the…

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Fallen WD My Passport Portable

Accidentally dropped 2TB WD My Passport. The hard drive belongs to one of the famous construction architects in New York City. The owner was anxious about his project files stored in this drive. He came personally to our office at 40 Wall St. to hand over the hard drive. We conducted the same-day evaluation for…

Cleanroom Data Recovery Hard Drive Recovery
4 GB USB Flash Drive Recovery

Here is the next successful data recovery case from HP 4GB USB Flash drive. All of a sudden, the computer stopped to detect it, the customer says. Yes, it was a complete dead flash drive. The microcontroller on the motherboard lost its functionality which means the computer cannot detect it correctly. We removed the NAND…

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Secure Data Sanitization

All data stored on these SAS drives will be rendered irretrievable. To do so, we will use a degausser machine that permanently destroys the data after exposing the hard drive to a strong electromagnetic field. This secure sanitizing process does not leave a chance for those who want to get unauthorized access to sensitive business…

Data Destruction Secure Wipe
DELL PowerVault MD3800i Complete Recovery

September ended with successful data recovery from Dell PowerVault MD3800i enterprise-level storage. The raw capacity of the device was 110TB, and it is a massive amount of space. Eleven pieces of 10 TB SAS hard drives worked together as RAID 6 volume to have redundancy and more space. The RAID volume was used as a…

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The health of your Solid State Drive

Knowing what to do next will help focus on what is essential when an accident strikes. If you notice that the file copying/reading speed on your SSD has drastically decreased, take it as a possible early symptom of failure. There are free tools available on the Internet to check the health of your SSD. Be…

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JBOD Volume Data Recovery – QNAP NAS Storage

A few days ago, the customer brought us almost new QNAP NAS storage. He could not access the data stored on this NAS device after power failure. The NAS storage used only for six months. Initially, all the hard drives were inspected to see if there are any physical problems. The engineer detected that one…

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