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We love to share our works with our page visitors. The below posts are from the data recovery cases we received.

40GB old Toshiba HDD Data Recovery

Not all IDE-dinosaurs went extinct. Some are still hiding out inside the old technology machines and their serving computers. This one is a 40GB old Toshiba IDE hard drive that unfortunately took a hard hit. It didn’t take long to determine that the drive has a motor bearing seizure issue. It is directly related to…

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8TB WD My Book Data Recovery

A respectful data recovery company, regardless of how complicated the case is, should be able to provide you with a firm price once they have inspected your media. Visible damages on a hard drive are the obvious ones that should not take much effort to examine and evaluate the chances. Logical damage can be a…

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Case Inspection Area

Inspection of a patient WD HDD heads before initiating the actual data recovery. The customer has dropped the drive to a hard floor and powered it up several times. It should be emphasized that all these inspections, cleanroom environments, microscopes, special uniforms do not magically fix imperfections and certainly do not indicate that data can…

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Slider – The Dark Rectangular Component

It is a photo of the severely damaged slider. Slider – the dark rectangular component never actually touches the surface of a hard drive platter. It flies above them. Using a microscope, we can see that the edge of the slider is polished, which was caused by a sudden jolt of a hard drive after…

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Western Digital 2TB Palmer SED Drive Recovery

We received the latest WD 2TB Palmer SED drive, which was previously opened by another data recovery company to inspect the mechanical failure. The customer brought the hard drive to our company to recover data as our price was much more competitive. The hard drive had surface damages and failed magnetic head assembly as the…

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Successful Recovery from Head Stuck Hitachi Drive

The day ended with successful recovery from Hitachi 500GB 2.5″ hard drive. The customer from Texas shipped the hard drive to our lab in NYC and ordered an emergency data recovery under 24 hours. The engineer responsible for emergency hard drive recovery cases, reacted fast and removed the stuck heads carefully from the magnetic surfaces….

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Fallen WD My Passport Portable

Accidentally dropped 2TB WD My Passport. The hard drive belongs to one of the famous construction architects in New York City. The owner was anxious about his project files stored in this drive. He came personally to our office at 40 Wall St. to hand over the hard drive. We conducted the same-day evaluation for…

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JBOD Volume Data Recovery – QNAP NAS Storage

A few days ago, the customer brought us almost new QNAP NAS storage. He could not access the data stored on this NAS device after power failure. The NAS storage used only for six months. Initially, all the hard drives were inspected to see if there are any physical problems. The engineer detected that one…

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Data Recovery from Scratched Magnetic Surfaces

Value – it is the importance, worth, significance given to an item, event, or a word. Sometimes, after receiving a price proposal for the data recovery service, client protests stating that the data does not worth that money. In the meantime, another category claims that data stored in a hard drive is of high value…

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Corruption of the SA Modules

The clicking sound does not always mean that the magnetic read/write heads assembly has a major mechanical problem and needs to be replaced. Damaged firmware modules of a hard drive can cause such easily audible sounds. To explain it in simple words, magnetic heads when they float over the platter surface by the command of…

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