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Any hard drive consists of several standard components. From below, a controller board is attached to it, which controls the operation of the device. Inside the sealed case are metal or glass plates on which data is stored. They rotate on a spindle, and above them is a block of magnetic heads, which reads and writes information.

The plates begin to crumble from prolonged use, making part of the data inaccessible. Physical damage and shaking lead to the BMG or spindle jamming, and the controller burns out from voltage surges and a poor-quality power supply.

If any element fails, the drive stops working. Almost all hardware malfunctions cannot be fixed at home without special equipment and skills. 

HGST Hard Disk Drive Failure

Contact PITS Global Data Recovery Services at (888) 611-0737 to request professional data retrieval solutions. Our highly qualified engineers will safely and confidentially recover your data. All data retrieval processes of sensitive devices are held in a certified cleanroom to avoid damaging them by small particles.

Recently, we received an internal HGST hard disk drive for a client who requested an emergency data recovery solution. The customer was trying to transfer his documents to the drive, but the device was not showing up. He stopped working with the drive and contacted us. He shipped the drive, and our professionals started working right away. 

We provide the emergency data retrieval service for customers who urgently need to access their vital documents. The complete data recovery takes from 8-48 hours to finish. 

The recovery process started with diagnostics. As the customer complained, the drive was not seen in the BIOS. Thus, our engineers could not run any tests. So they had to unsolder the HDA of the drive in an ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom. The data recovery experts noticed that the drive’s spindle motor was not rotating the magnetic platters. 

External Hard Drive Recovery

HGST HDD Spindle Motor Recovery

The spindle motor is the most critical component of a hard drive. It rotates the drive platters on the axis.

Accountable for the uniformity and stability of the process, the spindle ensures the trouble-free operation of the hard drive for a long time. 

As a result of power outages or an accidental drop of the drive, the motor is damaged, and the hard drive will be useless – access to the information on it will disappear. Only a company specializing in HDD recovery can help in such cases.

In the client’s case, the spindle motor was not operating due to hydraulic ball bearings being worn off. The most efficient data recovery solution was to transfer the magnetic platter to a new identical hard drive model.

Our technicians could move the platter to a new drive without damaging it. The magnetic disks must be aligned precisely, and the data reading and writing process must be done synchronously throughout their surface. The platter was placed correctly, and our specialists started to extract all the files.

Hard Drive Bad Sectors Recovery

When analyzing all the available data, our expert noticed that the drive had bad sectors in the service area. Bad sectors on the hard drive damage the file system or the contents of the master boot record. Making the operating system not determine individual partitions, or their parameters are determined with an error. 

Signature corruption, bootloader code corruption, partition table content destruction, and incorrect determination of logical partition boundaries lead to a lack of access to the disk. Unlike bad sectors that occur due to the physical damage, logically damaged bad sectors can be fixed, and the data might be fully recovered. Our engineer efficiently restored all bad sectors and transferred all of the files to a new hard drive.

The client reviewed the data recovery results via a remote file verification. After approval, we shipped his data on a new hard disk drive back to him. 

We keep a 99% success rate by taking into account even the most minor details of our customers’ particular cases. With years of experience in the industry and highly qualified engineers, we recover data from a vast range of media storage.

By having an ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom, engineers at PITS Global Data Recovery Services do not harm any sensitive parts of the data storage, such as HDD, SSD, Flash Drives, or SD-cards. In addition, it would be best if you did not attempt to restore your failed device with data recovery software, as it can overwrite your vital files, making data recovery impossible. 

Instead, contact PITS Global Data Recovery Services at (888) 611-0737 to start your case today. Or submit a case by filling out this form. Our engineers will fix bad sectors on your drive and deliver the data back to you securely and confidentially.