MacBook Air Data Recovery
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macOS is a reliable operating system that provides its users with a high level of performance. Regardless of its reputation as a stable OS, macOS is susceptible to malfunctions. When something goes wrong with the mac-operated device, it creates a lot of trouble for its user.

Recovery mode, a special tool of macOS, helps to proceed with operating. It eliminates potential problems and fixes any issues with the device. There are also many other functions in Mac Recovery Mode that can help macOS users.

What is Available in Mac Recovery Mode

Recovery Mode on macOS devices is a part of the system that comes as a default feature. Using this mode, a user can troubleshoot and solve software-related problems with the Mac device. 

What a User Can Do in macOS Recovery Mode

Reinstall macOS

macOS is a high-performance system, but with some time, it decreases in speed and can severely glitch. Users can upgrade, downgrade, or reinstall the system to make the macOS-operated device faster. With the Recovery Mode, a user can easily update the current version of macOS, downgrade, or reinstall it.

Password Utility

This option allows macOS users to secure the system from unauthorized access. It offers password protection, installation of authorized boot devices, and safe startup. Starting and using unauthorized media is impossible without knowing the user's password for authorized boot media.

Disk Utility

Disk Utility is a program that can scan, erase, or fix the storage device on your appliance. This tool will perform an examination of your hard disk or solid-state drive and try to solve any problem that occurs. You can use it both in everyday operations and in Recovery Mode.

Contact Support

macOS Recovery Mode lets the user open a Safari browser to get in touch with Apple Support. The website of Apple Support is linked to the browser by default in the Recovery Mode. However, we must mention that this option works only if the device is connected to the Internet.

With these functions, you can safely fix the issues on your device and continue the operations. There are several ways to enter the recovery mode based on your processor.

Recovery Mode on Intel-based Mac

  1. Power down your macOS-operated device.
  2. Turn on your macOS-operated device. 
  3. Press and hold Command and R key combination as soon as the device turns on.
  4. Let go of the keys when you see the Apple logo. 
  5. Now, you enter the macOS Recovery Mode. 

Recovery Mode on M1 Mac

  1. Power down your macOS-operated device.
  2. Press the power button and hold it until you see Loading Startup Options.
  3. Click Options.
  4. Next, click Continue.
  5. Now, you enter the macOS Recovery Mode. Enter the password if required.

Importance of Recovery Mode on Mac

macOS has a reliable structure, but when things go wrong with it, it can result in disaster. Recover Mode on Macs became a solution to many problems. Not only can it solve the issue, but it can also get in touch with support in case of a disaster. There are many additional functions on it, which a user can consider when there are some faults in the Mac.

Recovery mode is a comfortable way to fix your issues yourself quickly. Nevertheless, every user should consider a scenario where the Recovery Mode will not help. These scenarios include physical failures and severe data loss situations. In such cases, it is essential to entrust your device to a reputable provider of data recovery services.

Our Apple Data Recovery Services

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Our technicians thoroughly inspect the device to find the reason for the files’ inaccessibility and the condition of the data. Based on the results of our assessment, we select the most suitable data recovery strategy.

MacBook displaying the Pink Screen of Death

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