Recovering Data From SDXC Memory Card
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Various Secure Digital cards store pictures, videos, and other valuable files. Data loss from these devices can be complicated and distressing. The common reasons for data failure are accidental document deletion or device formatting.

When facing data loss, you should take a few steps. First, stop using the SD memory card immediately. Its further use will increase the probability of overwriting data, leading to complications when trying to recover it. 

In this blog, we will explore the common causes of SD card data loss and discuss the advanced data recovery techniques our engineers use to solve these issues.

What are the Common Reasons for Data Loss on an SD Card?

Data loss on an SD card can occur due to different reasons, like accidental deletion, formatting, physical damage, or corruption of the file system. Let’s take a closer look at each of these scenarios.

Accidental Deletion

Accidentally deleting files frequently leads to data loss on an SD card. It often happens while browsing or cleaning up storage space. Fortunately, data recovery experts can retrieve deleted files from an SD card using specialized tools and techniques.


Formatting an SD card can cause complete data loss. This might happen if you accidentally format the wrong drive or if your device asks you to format the card because of a corruption issue.

Physical Damage

Physical damage to an SD card, such as bending, crushing, or exposure to extreme temperatures, can cause permanent data loss. If this happens, it’s best to get help from a professional data recovery service.

SDXC Class 10 Card Data Recovery

To recover data from memory cards, our engineers use a special technique and unsolder the memory chips from the device. Then, using a flash reader stand, the data is read from NAND chips microcircuits. The data in the binary image is then decrypted using a special method. If required, our experts can create an all-encompassing algorithm for the most recent memory cards that don’t have established solutions. 

The algorithm’s parameters change depending on the drive controller type. This method guarantees the successful retrieval of data from a RAW file system.

Our Data Recovery Process for Damaged SDXC Card

Recently, we received a Focus SDXC Class 10 card data recovery request from a customer who lost all his video from a recent family vacation. He tried to access the memory card files and copy them onto his desktop, but the files were corrupted.

The video files were not accessible, and the operating system was unable to copy them. After doing some research, the customer decided to trust us with the data of his media.

After speaking with our customer support representative, he shipped his memory card to our lab. The evaluation showed that the SD controller failed.

SDXC Class 10 Card Chip-off Recovery

In these cases, the data is retrieved from memory dumps and decrypted using key decryption algorithms. A recovery technique known as “chip-off” includes removing a memory chip from a device, getting it ready for a physical memory dump, and retrieving data from that dump.

Due to the variety of memory microcircuit types and the need for a specific hardware programmer for each type, this data retrieval technique is considered difficult to implement. Additionally, a memory chip cannot be reinstalled after being unsoldered.

After receiving the media storage, our engineers got to work on it in our ISO Certified Class 10 Certified Cleanroom. All memory chips were accessed and then cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner. 

The next phase included using card readers to extract all of the data. Engineers found out that the files lost their formats and were recognized as RAW documents when the data was extracted from damaged chips.

SD Card RAW Files Restoration

With fully functional or defective SD cards, the RAW format lacks structure and the device’s file system. SD cards become RAW format as a result of system errors, erroneous computer shutdowns, and power supply issues.

To encrypt the files and recover crucial videos, our engineers executed the required commands. All of the files began transferring to a new SD card by our data recovery specialists. 

Focus SD Card Recovery

After running the algorithms, we put the files in the intended format, NTFS, as the card went RAW due to physical failure. It demonstrated that the procedure had been effective.

All the essential files were recovered from the corrupted SD card. The client reviewed restored files via a remote session, approved our data recovery results, and we shipped all the lost files on a new memory card.

It may appear simple to use the SD card recovery software that is made available to a wide range of users to recover the logical structure of the media storage devices. However, the files are permanently damaged as a result of data recovery software processes. You can be confident that our specialists will professionally do the file system restoration.

For expert data retrieval solutions, call PITS Global Data Recovery Services at (888) 611-0737 or fill out the form. Our highly skilled engineers will successfully recover all your media from various storage devices. And encrypt your RAW file formats using our cutting-edge data recovery tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your device doesn’t recognize your SDXC card, first try it in another device or card reader to rule out a faulty reader or device. If the issue persists, run a disk diagnostic tool on your computer to check for errors. Make sure your card reader supports SDXC cards and that your system drivers are updated.

Yes, recovering data from a physically damaged SDXC card is possible with professional data recovery services. Experts use advanced tools and specialized equipment to retrieve data from damaged cards. It is advisable to consult a professional instead of attempting a DIY fix, as it could lead to further damage.

To prevent SDXC card corruption, always eject it properly to avoid abrupt disconnections. Keep your SDXC card dust-free, dry, and away from extreme temperatures. Regularly back up your data and run antivirus scans to safeguard against malware.

If your SDXC card suddenly asks to be formatted, do not proceed with the formatting if you want to preserve your data. Instead, it is best to seek professional assistance. Experts in data recovery have the necessary tools and techniques to retrieve data from a corrupted card without formatting and risking data loss.

Yes, it is possible to recover data from an SDXC card that has been accidentally formatted, provided that no new data has been written to the card since the formatting. Using inadequate or unreliable data recovery software is ill-advised, as it can result in further complications and potentially permanent data loss. For the most effective solution, seek guidance from professional data recovery services.