Crucial Data Recovery

Since solid-state drives offer several advantages over traditional hard disk drives, SSDs are used more frequently. The user has a severe issue with the SSD if the device is not recognized or the recorded files are damaged. Assuming the solid-state drive is broken, data recovery is necessary. In that situation, it is essential to move every memory chip to a unique piece of hardware, read its data, and decrypt it using unique key to convert it to data.

Crucial MX500 SSD Data Recovery

Our engineers successfully manage this procedure and produce the best outcomes thanks to their years of experience.

Crucial SSD Memory Controller Failure

Recently, our company received a request for data recovery from a Crucial MX500 internal solid-state drive. The customer attempted to transfer his files on the drive, but the solid-state drive’s electrical circuitry had problems. 

The backed-up files also became inaccessible, and he could not continue copying his information. After researching, he decided to entrust PITS Global Data Recovery Services with his device and sent it for our inspection. As soon as we got the gadget, our engineers started to work retrieving the data. In our ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom, they opened the drive’s seal and examined its components.

Our data recovery specialists found that the memory controller was damaged, but the NAND chips were unscathed. Because of the malfunction, we had to decrypt the data after removing it from the NAND chips.

Crucial MX500 SSD Data Failure

It is occasionally possible to repair and restore the SSD while keeping all the data on it, depending on the problem. Our objective is to access the media’s contents while avoiding its interface, so our data recovery technicians operate the device precisely in this situation.

Engineers give users access to the lost files, but the drive can still not be fixed. In other words, the device will continue operating to read the data for a while.

The Reasons for Data Loss Are Usually:

Natural Wear of SSD Memory Cells

Power Failure and Breakdown

Software Failures Resulting in Data Loss

This approach is complex because it changes the device’s physical characteristics. This procedure on a broken SSD can only be carried out by skilled professionals using specific data decrypting equipment.

Crucial MX500 SSD Memory Controller Recovery

The brain of the drive is the SSD controller, sometimes referred to as the NAND memory controller. It is an intellectual component and communicates with the SATA, PCI-E, USB, and SAS computer controller interfaces. The controller operates how the drive as whole works, mainly how data is written to memory chips.

Crucial SSD Recovery

The Specialists Accessed The Data In 3 Steps:

1. Unsoldering chips. It was carried out using a hot air soldering station with additional heating. He particularly paid attention to the thermal regime and the use of high-quality fluxes at this stage.

2. Reading chips. The technician performed this by using programmers. It is more convenient to use the NAND Reader because of the simplicity and efficiency of adapters.

Crucial SSD Recovery

3.Analysis of transformations and assembly of the image. It was made according to the same algorithms as any flash drive. As the NAND chips have more complex conversion algorithms due to increased SSD performance

Since only the NAND memory controller was broken, all the data could be accessed. The next step was to restore the RAW files.

SSD Files Decryption Services

All the transferred files were in RAW. It is a digital image file format containing data with no structures. They became inaccessible, so the operating system could not open the encrypted files.

We started the data decryption process by using our advanced decryption methods. The scripts used in this process are called a key, which lets our engineers quickly restore the files.


We restored all the data and transferred it from the encrypted hard drive to a brand-new SSD. After the client reviewed and approved all the retrieved files, we shipped the drive back to him.

With years of experience and cutting-edge data recovery tools, we maintain the highest in the industry, a 99% success rate for recovering lost data from various storage devices.

Our highly trained engineers will recover lost data securely and professionally.  Contact PITS Global Data Recovery Services at (888) 611-0737 to request professional SSD data retrieval solutions. We will assist you with any data loss scenario you face.