Platter of Hard Drive

Many users try to solve the hard drive failure problem by following repair tutorials on the Internet. But it ends up getting more complicated in the 99% of all the cases. For example, people tend to think that cleanroom can be provided at home, and they can disassemble the disk

For example, you might think it is possible disassemble-assemble the hard drive in the bathroom if you clean it beforehand. Even a specialist with experience can hardly recover data without a comfortable table, chair, necessary tripods, tweezers, screwdrivers, and pullers.

And to organize a full working place at home in the bathroom with all the necessary tools, the user will not, at least for economic reasons. 

Although, if you clean the bathtub properly. No, we still don’t recommend it. Usually, the drives are trying to repair themselves to save time. At PITS Data Recovery Services, the hard drive is assembled and disassembled in a special dusty space ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom. The specialist working with the HDD is dressed in special clothes.

Unprofessional Data Recovery Attempt

Recently, our team received a hard drive damaged by unskilled actions.

When we started a technical inspection, the first thing we noticed was that the platters were contaminated with fingerprints. In addition, the stuck heads were forcefully dragged back to the parking zone. In short, the drive was heavily tampered with. What’s more interesting, the customer was aware of the possible outcomes of such treatment but still decided to take a chance.

Our Data Recovery Specialists

This case was more complicated than the usual hard drive recovery cases due to all the actions performed by the client. However, we decided to work on this device and restore all possible files.

Our engineers worked in ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom not to damage the hard drive even more. The case was tricky and required every action to be thoroughly thought of.

Our Data Recovery Specialists

Hard Drive Recovery

The first step was to clear the surface of the platter from fingerprints and particles that occurred due to magnetic heads scratching. To clean the surfaces of the platters, we used ultrasonic cleaner.

To recover the data from the damaged surface of platters is impossible, so our engineers recovered all the data that were not affected by a head crash.

Scratches on the surface of magnetic plates are the most severe damage, which fatally affects the ability to recover information from hard disks successfully. The very fact of scratches on the plates of the disk indicates that all the information will not be able to recover as the data located in the area of scratches is irrevocably lost. At best, it is possible to recover user files from entire areas of plates.

After the information was transferred from the failed drive to the new media storage, the next step was to recover it, which became corrupted when extracted. 

Specialists of PITS Global Data Recovery Services handled the situation with high professionalism by achieving the maximum result.

A customer did not expect such a good outcome and was very impressed by our work. In conclusion, to solve such problems, special tools are used, designed to safely remove the heads in the case their stick to magnetic disks. The requirement for successful data recovery is the experience of an engineer. Call our dedicated customer service at (888) 611-0737 to request our advanced data retrieval solutions. Our company is 24/7/365 available, and ready to help you with your critical situation.