EasyStore Hard Drive Recovery
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An EasyStore hard drive can experience any of the common data loss problems. The most frequent failure of EasyStore drives the collapse of the block of the magnetic heads.

An unpleasant feature of the disks of this brand can be considered a poor match of donor spare parts and, as a result, their poor survival rate. Therefore, in order to recover data from EasyStore drives in the event of a head block failure, the process of selecting a donor becomes a very difficult task, the right solution of which determines the success of recovery.

To achieve high success, a data recovery expert will need a lot of experience and an extensive database of spare parts. Of course, it is essential to have high-level data recovery tools in the laboratory for succeeding work performance.

EasyStore HDD Data Failure

The magnetic heads’ failure may seem obvious with hard drives. This failure can be identified with the clicking sound of the disk head units. Successful recovery requires a cleanroom and dedicated data recovery equipment.

Such a drive is usually not detected by the system, and all that can be done is to restore the data and rewrite it to a working medium. Restoration work is carried out only in a certified cleanroom. Even the slightest dust ingress into the sealed HDD case can lead to irretrievable loss of information. With specialized tools, the expert eliminates the sticking of the BMH by examining the surface of the magnetic platters and the condition of the block in general.

If there is damage, the BMH is replaced with the exact same one from the spare disk. After sector-by-sector data reading is carried out, the data is transferred to a working disk. When removing the sticking block of the magnetic heads, you may notice no visible damage. However, it does not mean that 100% of the data can be recovered.

HDD Magnetic Head Crash

When reading devices sector-by-sector, data recovery experts notice that some sectors cannot be read due to physical damage. In these cases, the file or parts of the file recorded in this area will be lost.

Recently, we received an EasyStore external hard disk drive data recovery request.

The customer accidentally extracted the HDD while editing pictures from his recent photo shoot.

As the power went off while the block of magnetic heads was writing data on the platters, the heads crashed on their surfaces. This led to the circular scratches on the platters, damaging the magnetic coating. 

In cases like this, the data is recovered by replacing the block of magnetic heads. Then, the platters are cleaned via an ultra-sonic cleaner. Further data on the nondamaged parts of the platter are extracted.

Our laboratory has the equipment required for successful data restoration from an HDD with a faulty read/write head unit. In this case, the BMH failure may be similar to the spindle motor failure. Our experienced specialists could distinguish the difference between the problems, and they took the necessary actions.

The heads in the BMH are directly interconnected in one circuit. Therefore, even if one magnetic head is damaged, it is necessary to replace the unit to recover the file completely. In our lab, experts utilize an ultrasonic cleaner to wash the write heads of the HDD, enabling them to set up all the conditions necessary for a secure replacement of the component while avoiding the risk of any dust particles remaining.

EasyStore Magnetic Heads Data Recovery

A working unit of magnetic heads from a donor device was used to replace the one that had failed. A large number of HDD donors can be necessary for circumstances where the disk surface is substantially damaged. It is vital not to attempt to replace the magnetic head unit yourself, even if you have a similar fully operating hard drive and all the necessary tools.

Your actions in this situation might decrease the chances of successful data recovery from a failed drive.

Specialized data recovery tools and the expertise of a skilled data recovery company are needed for this process. After approving the results, the requested lost files were successfully recovered and delivered to the customer on a new hard drive. The data on the scratched parts of the platters was lost irreversibly.

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