People think about various things when hearing the term “data management.” In theory, data management encloses the entire data lifecycle – from its creation to disposal.

The data creation process is very clear for all the users. You can receive the data from someone, download it via the Internet, or create it via applications. But the deletion process is much trickier than the creation.

Users may think that the data is deleted if not shown on the computer. But the deal is that when a user deletes files, he actually deletes the pointer, which provides access to it. So, when there is a need to permanently delete the file and erase it from the device for good, there is a need for a professional data destruction service.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services understands the importance of top-level data sanitization solutions. Our company provides various data destruction solutions for different situations.

Types of Data Erasure

There are several ways to erase data, which are chosen based on the type of device and purpose of erasure. In this blog, we discuss various options and their assignment. 

Crashed Hard Drive

Physical Destruction

When a client is not planning to reuse or resell the media, we offer physical destruction service. There are various methods people try to use on the device: drilling, melting, or taking a hammer to a drive. However, there are better, more safe ways of destruction. If a customer has a traditional HDD or tape, a practical, secure method of destruction is using a degausser. 

Crashed Hard Drive

A degausser generates a magnetic wave that applies to the media and effectively destroys the magnetic domains for data storage.
If you have a flash drive or an SSD, shredding it is the best option. It thoroughly destroys the chips inside the flash drive or SSD.


The formatting method is suitable for users with one or two drives to erase. This process is very time-consuming, which is why it can take forever waiting for five or more drives to format. Hence, we recommend this option for home computer users.

Formatting a drive is a technique that allows the drive to store data. We use different levels for various cases. There may be a situation when a customer wants to delete all the data stored on the device, and for this situation, we use full format. However, there are also cases when a client requests to erase only specific files, and in this case, we provide specialized formatting.


You can intentionally or unintentionally write a data set over your current data, making it unrecoverable. Writing new data to the block completely destroys the data stored on it.

This data destruction process works the best on traditional hard disk drives. Working with flash media and solid-state drives is more complicated due to the infrastructure of these devices.

There are also many erasure tools on the Internet, but they do not guarantee successful results and a 100% complete erasure of the files. 

Hence, it is better to entrust the device and data sanitization process to professionals with years of experience.

Our Data Destruction Services

PITS Global Data Recovery Services ensures in-lab and onsite data deletion from data storage devices. Our highly-qualified specialists perform data erasure from all kinds of storage devices, including hard disk drives, solid-state drives, flash drives, RAID arrays, tapes, etc.

For more information regarding our data destruction and media disposal service, call us at (888) 611 0737 or submit a case. Our dedicated customer service team will get in touch with you at the earliest opportunity.