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Over the past few years, flash drives have become widespread and used by people every day due to their advantages over portable hard drives. A user can quickly write information on a flash drive and access it anytime there is a need for it.

Despite all the positive aspects, sometimes there are situations where the data can not be read because of the flash drive’s inaccessibility. In the most important moment, a user can lose all the valuable files stored on the media. One of the most common scenarios of flash drive failure is when a device stops being recognized by computers.

There are various reasons which can cause files’ inaccessibility. Some of these cases can be solved by a user, but sometimes it is better to entrust the case to professionals. 

Failed USB Flash Drive

The Problem: This scenario is the most critical, as it causes severe consequences for a user. After physical or mechanical damage, a flash drive often remains unusable. Severe data loss is one of the most crucial problems when a flash drive fails, and it is essential to treat the case carefully to avoid more damage.

A failed flash drive is easy to diagnose: plug the drive into a computer and watch what is happening. If the light on the USB stick does not turn on, you do not hear the characteristic sound of the connection, and the computer does not see the linked media, then most likely, the failure is fatal. If the light is on and you hear the characteristic connection sound, there is still a chance of fixing a USB flash drive.

Solution: In case of failure, when there are no visible signs of its performance, there is only one thing left to do. If there is no backup of your valuable data, it is preferable to entrust your case to data recovery engineers. There are low chances for a device repair, but highly-qualified technicians can still save the files stored on it.

Non-functioning USB Port

Problem: Sometimes, the “USB device not recognized” problem occurs not because of the flash drive but computer issues. Usually, a faulty port will not work on all the USB devices a user tries to connect. Most often, the cause of a non-functioning USB port is a damaged contact. 

Solution: If there is damage to all the USB ports of your computer, you may check them via BIOS settings. If the USB port was affected by physical damage, the problem could be solved only with skilled technicians.

Malware Damage

Problem: Viruses often cause issues with USB flash drives. When accessing an infected USB flash drive, the user gets an “Access Denied” or “Removable Media Not Found” error message. Thus, access to the recorded data is restricted.

Solution: The first thing to do when facing such a situation is to remove a virus from the device. While malware is still on a flash drive, it will continue to affect files stored on the device, causing more damage. 

Hence, it is critical to clear a media from viruses. If some files were severely affected by malware, they could be restored by a professional data recovery company.

Outdated Drivers

Problem: It is not uncommon for a computer to be unable to see a flash drive because of outdated or malfunctioning drivers. For example, some older computers can’t handle thumb drives with a storage capacity higher than 32 GB. 

Solution: A driver failure can happen for a variety of reasons, and a USB driver is one of them. In any case, the problem can be easily solved by updating drivers.

File System Incompatibility

Problem: Quite often, the computer can not see the flash drive because of the file system’s incompatibility. So if your computer uses the file system “NTFS” and the flash drive is running on “FAT32”, they may be incompatible. 
 To solve the file incompatibility problem, you should format the flash drive. You can check the file system of your device and format the thumb drive to be fitted with it. This way, you will be able to access the files from a flash drive. However, professionals should handle the case if something goes wrong. 

Flash Drive Data Recovery from PITS Global

PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides recovery for failed, corrupted, and crashed flash drives. With state-of-the-art equipment, our engineers perform a recovery from USB drives regardless of the level of damage.

Our company starts the recovery process with a risk-free evaluation. Engineers at PITS Global thoroughly review the device in the lab to check it for a level of damage and calculate chances for success.

Based on the evaluation results, we select the most suitable recovery strategy. Our evaluation helps us to recover the lost files achieving a maximum result.

Flash Drive Data Recovery

Using precise tools and advanced methods, we successfully recover data from flash drives of all types, brands, models, and storage capacities. We perform data recovery in specialized facilities, including ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom.

It is essential for us not to damage the valuable files’ of our clients, so we do everything to support the highest level of security.

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