Flash Drive Data Recovery
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Formatted Flash Drive Data Recovery refers to retrieving data from a flash drive that has been accidentally or intentionally formatted. Restoring files after formatting is difficult, but sometimes, we desperately need to get important files back. If you do not have a backup copy of the disk or partition data, all files can be lost. However, there is still a chance to recover your data.

Usually, Quick Format is used when there is a need to format a flash drive. This process rewrites the partition table, which will hide the files and remove them from the visible folder without damaging the original data on the disk. 

It means your files are still in their original location on your hard drive. This allows data recovery even after formatting a flash drive, hard drive, partition, SD card, or other storage devices.

Flash Drive Recovery Case

USB flash drives represent minor versions of computer hard drives. They are removable and rewritable data storage devices. Flash drives are less prone to failure than general hard drives. Nevertheless, you can experience data loss while using even the most expensive USB flash drive because all media can fail eventually.

A week ago, we received a request with an accidentally formatted flash drive. A condition for successful data recovery is that the files you want to get back will not be overwritten with new data. After formatting a partition, the original files can be easily overwritten with new ones. That is why do not put new files on the flash drive, partition, or other devices after formatting them. Instead, entrust your flash drive to companies that provides recovery services to maximize the chance of a successful restoration.

Luckily, the user stopped using the flash drive and disconnected it from his computer, avoiding overwriting and complete data loss. The data recovery process for flash drives differs from hard drives. It requires advanced and precise instruments and software for the best results.

As when formatting a disk, its file table is reset to zero, and as a result, the old information that was on it does not fall into the new size of the created file table. In this case, the work was to search and analyze the data remaining on the disk. 

USB Flash Drive Data Recovery

USB flash drive data recovery is a process designed to recover and restore lost, deleted, or corrupted files from a USB flash drive. USB drives are highly portable and widely used for file storage and transfer. However, they are prone to physical damage, logical errors, accidental formatting, and other issues leading to data loss. To retrieve the data, it is necessary to utilize specialized software or services to scan the drive, locate recoverable files, and restore them to a usable state.

Flash Drive Data Recovery Service

The probability of success depends on the type of file system, the nature of the data and the volume of files, fragmentation, and what and in what volumes were written to the disk after formatting. We repaired and restored all lost files using advanced tools once the user’s flash drive was delivered to our data recovery lab. All data was returned to the satisfied customer successfully.

Our highly trained engineers work in ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom to ensure the safety of storage devices. As all drive parts are sensitive even to the tiniest particles, such as dust, working on them in a controlled environment is essential.

Engineers at PITS Global Data Recovery Services frequently attend qualification courses to keep up with modern technologies and the new advanced options for data recovery. Contact our customer service at (888) 611-0737 if you face any media storage failure.